Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Sun, May 3, 1903.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, May 3, 1903

THE NEW YORK TIMES. SUNDAY. MAY 3. 1903.pitu-H. XI.«:Nash-madawhichprln-DEATH OF E. M. SIMONDS.Chicago Coroner May Send to New York to Have the Promoter’s Body Exhumed.lion at Colombo*, were to-dnv announcedrrm*li* th«* *m] Ih* fat* l*nr Iron tell* \t 1.» c*nt«toA.ewersion to* rak up l. The effect Every »d. but re con-lrlnl*'d This a have Ih thoSt'i'ot ip Ti» Snv Ke-t Tima.CHICAGO. May 2.—There were two developments to-day In the mystery concerning the death of K. M. SImonds. the New York promoter, who died from a fractured ■hull m the Cook County Hospital. • '•« first place, letters addressed to SImonds at the Great Northern Hotel were opened by Coroner Traeger. These missives estate llshed the fact that SImonds was In Chicago on some secret Inxlwess. but the exact nature of h!« mission was not made clear. One of the letters charged SImonds withprcrer.t rate for pvdi.llng Is . on bar Iron salea *t I.T cents a pound, and under the new scale it would bt Wi* ton. But few changes are made In the fonot. s.footDUANE JURY DISAGREES.End of Trial of Boston Bualness Manfor Killing Father-In-Law.breaking faith with the writer In some er In which borrowed money was Inina l terv.dvedThe second development ennte when a who Is supposed to have been an actorI DBDHAM. Mass.. May 2.-A )ury In the I lt;•*•* of James C. Dunne charged with m*n-| slaughter In causing IDc death of his ; fathcr-ln-law. John Lehneman. by shooting j to-day reported a disagreement It is 1 understood that the Jury stood eight to four t In favor of acquittal.Duane, a prominent young business man of Boston was accused of having shot hiscalled at the Cent ml Police Button and had an. Thewife's fnllicr at the Duane horn* in Brook Ine. on.Sept. 7. iVOJ. Lehneman died lalera long Interview with U*ut Sulllv police did not divulge the nature of Ills testimony, but there were two rumors toaccount for hln presence In the Clt Hall.One wna that he was the menK. ac-». Tori pen-abltual Indulg. r. All---Kited in Clark 8treet on the morning that SImonds sustained Injuries, and Ifnndlnx a Vlr-i trajn with aa card, rim.in.glnlan. tickets I. You ■selves.It» said; •u to Ikhl» he true l« explodes the theory Out Hlmonda was the victim of that partlcu-lar assault. The ether rumor Is that tho actor was a wllucas lo the asauult on SImonds. A* he was leaving the Police Station. I,leut. Bulllvan'a visitor said:’• 11 Is true that I know something of Ihs SImonds case. I was Hot the man who was annulled In Clark Street, however.I he letter charging SImonds with bad fillh was as foliowa:New Tork. April ST. 1*03. L-twanl SImonds. Chicago III.:Bear Sir N.gwlih.tanllr ■ Ibe fad that you elate In vwar letter that you raUed si my office ■ nd then had luliuctlotsa la go lu Chicago. I tuve Infornvailiin io ihe contrary. I Iransl you tV money on your word, but low tolled In »~l uMUm. Very truly.The two other tcttc business nffnlrs and offered only mution Ihni Slinotids »ui here on a secret mfs-loit.The Coroner mty send to New York to have the body exhumed and brought backhere for examination.• a#, vw. vw FWILLIAM It. HATH nrs deal with Btmondn’s offered only the Infer-RAN DOWN THE PRESlOENT.f-Th*pittingm;h)RT.nnag* jreport impany he calls have»erutedori from unt of to the urd aMotormin Madden’s Fine Paid and Application for His Release Made.PITTSFIELD. Mn». M::y 2-The One of ».*«lt;* Imposed on Motorman Euclid Mndden. In connection with * sentence of six months for manslaughter In having caused the death of William Craig. President Rooa— veil’s bodyguard, was paid lo-day by tbe Pills fie l.l Electric Street Hallway Company The paymenl of the fine. It Is understood.wns made in connection wllh a plan to se ■ tire Madden's release from Ihe House of Correction. Pardon paper, were at once forwarded lo District Attorney Malone, and It is understood that If Mr Melons sign* Ihe petition for tho motorman . release. Hie County Commissioners will at once give Madden hi* freedom He has already served four months of hi' sentence. Public senllment In this city Is strongly In favor of Ihe release of the motorman.FIREMEN S NARROW ESCAPE.from hln wounds Duane claimed lhal Lehneman. prevlou* lo the night of Ihe shooting, had assaulted him. and that on Sept. f Lehneman wa- ru.hlng toward the defendant to do him bodily harm, when Dunne shot him In self defen**.It ts believed lhal Duane will not be re-tried.People’* Church Proposed.Beginning lo-day service* In Bfevoort Hall at 154 East Fifty-fourth Street, are to tie similar lo those In Protestant churches. The Intention !. to develop a church to be known a* the people * Church. The rcllgloua services have been conducted heretofore under the guidance Of the Church of ihe Divine Paternity al Seventy-sixth Street and Central Park Weil Theattendance ha- been growing sufficientlylo Indicate necessity for greater religious Ity. This rvenlns Rev. Dr. Frank O. Hall, pastor of therk In that locality. This evening the .. v. Dr. Fri Church of the Divine Paternity, will preach.Pule and Calle Bill Killed.SPRINGFIELD. III.. May 2-The House to-day killed the hill introduced 1o legalise trading In [Uts and tails on Hie Chicago Board of Trade.ELECTRIC RAILWAYS IN ITALY.How the Italians Adapt Their LI Special Care Built.MILAN. April p.—In company wllh the members of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (writes a special correspondent from Milan) I have Halted the Adriatic Railway Company. Italy, which ho* recently applied electrical working to Its sixty-MVMI-mtl* section of lln* originally built for steam locomotives, and running along Ihe shores of th« Lakes of Lecro and Como ur.d from ihe Junction of Colleo to a terminus at Bondrto.The achievement Is likely to have decided weight In considerations of a similar nature now daily under discussion In Great Brit-airThe portion of Ihe Italian railway or. which the work lias been carried out la not line that w,-« ron-ldernl the most favorableHOW TURKISH WOMENThe Sultan’a Harem Divided It Classes— Polygamy Now a C Luxury In Turkey.Th. East U but s fleeting show fairy tales of Ita wonders and which thrilled the hearts of oi fathtrs are fast fading, like n mlsL Turkey-nay. Islam Itself Ing up. aping Western custom*. Chml Ian garments, and generall log wllh the llmea. The picture to conjure up of a Turklih Ini Suul-alesBng atmosphere. Its exqi ury. and the stately enchantrei eyes were of unholy Woe. toyln t'uic.tter or sweetly playing on a glv.n place to very prosaic nolle are much nearer the reality, with, polygamy Is quickly d throughout th* non-Christian * Japan the Crown Prince has glvlt; cell*t example In thl* respect: Hi* Shnh has shown himself fav ritret.ehmenl all round- even In turn of his harem-and overywho key. except at Ylldls Klork and t of a few Pashas, monogamy la wl battle. IYlldls Kiosk Is undoubtedly still of traditions of ihe day* when Iyoung and wavward. The Sultan's PuUcols a survival of tie fatry-t of Turkish history. H-re awful i Bluebeard tragedies. and. at Ur superb romedte* are -till enact, would seem wildly Improbable If i ad on the stage. Life and death der-d by a whim, a word, a noc sacks now and again drop Into phorus a f aw moments afier maiden* have disappeared from tt sudden and fatal lllne**c» followrapidly as coffee succeed* dinner dul HAmld plays Ihe part of Fatemates of the palace prisms The Hers of the Padishah » Joy* ar.d «o a* numerous a* Ihe latter, and at Intp many cla-ses. There are i wives. «clng that for over two Turkish rulers have wholly c marry The highest four rank*-take the places of tbe lawful olden time*, enjov extensive ; dwell in luxurious apartments, m and looking young unlll thirty, or consumption at almost any age. X the Ikbals. or favorite* ladle* lt;gladdened the heart of their imp* ter with a child: then Hie Odaothers, the lowest rung °f 'be lad occupied by the colored slaves, Djaris. and treated n* helots.Hut the ordinary Turk I- rent* one spouse and a quiet life. A chosen for him by hi* parents Although she may surreptitious glimpse of him long before ihe from behind live window lattice, sees more of her than the Irrlt. and the ungainly -utckllke gurn disfigure her body while hldlnx he Indolence Is Inborn In the Tur comes to Ihe fore In love JtlM a n*«s. Hence there Is no ourixhlj ing. no eoul-thrlllln* glance*, r.o sure of the hand-, and fervent lovers' vow*. Jealousy I* the i ih paradise of the Turk tt l* the •In of the husband, while cunni iout effective weapon of the wifimysterious disappearance of man jt.eartcd European In Pe/n and