Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Wed, Mar 25, 1896.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, March 25, 1896

THE MANITOU.The Man! ton region was then visited and surveys were made there which occupied the time until early in September. The eastern shores of Miini-tou Lake and a number of small lakes adjoining were first surveyed. Rocks of the KeewatLn were found to occupy the whole of the immediate shore of the Lake, c nmds ting of green chloritic and otlier schists with areas of massive dioritcs, etc, A great thickness ofconglomerates and agglomerates,with a KCliistosc,felrtputlilc matrix land well rounded pebbles of quartzi-te, felsite, banded chert, impure magnetite, quartz and occasionally of gneiss, occupies the eastern shore of the main lake from Reaver Narrows to the head. Irregular belts of the same cr/.v !' ... a tee are inter-bedded witli the schists on matty of the islands oil the lake. Near the north end of the lake, the gneisses approach within a mile of the eastern suore, trending away from tho shore southwards, being distant about four miles opposite the Narrows and approaching the kike again to within, two miles opposite Sandy, Point. A route from Maaiitou lake southerly to Rainy lake by way of Crooked and Round lakes was tlien surveyed. The northeast branch of the Kahopskkanuik river was ascended to Its headwaters and surveys made of Eagle Rock, Narrow and Small Trout lakes. Hornblende gneisses were found to occur all along this route. This is the gneiss area, above referred to, which comes close to the eastern shore of Moulton take near the head-A route was next surveyed west of Manitou lake from Pipestone lake northward through Yoke, Route, Arm, Lawrence, Hill and Rowan, lakes and back to Pipestone by Boss Lake and a number of smaller lakes. The Keetwatin area of Crow and (Pipestone lakes was found to extend north.wards to the western, arms of Lawrence Lake. Rowan and HUI lakes were found tolie entirely within this Keewatm belt.