Other Articles Clipping from , Sun, Mar 24, 1907.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , March 24, 1907

WILL GO ABROADEhiropean Travel Seems To HaveBiff Increase. •WINTER TOURS ALSO POPULARSome Baltimoreans Who HaveSailed In Season And Who AreNow On The Other Side.Since Christmas the number of Baltimoreans who hare started on trips abroad has been larger than ever, and the Indications are that the sprlngandsummer travel,which was so large last year, will be even grester.The record for the whole year will be broken, according to Mr. Arthur W. Robson, steamship agent, who has the records of many years to go by. The eagerness of the steamship companies to supply the greatest comforts and luxuries that ingenuity and expense can get Is considered one reason why so many of the persons whohave been before art going to croas theocean again. The reasonable rates and the prosperity account for so many new tourists.Already.” said Mr. Robson, hundreds of Baltimoreans have arranged with me for thair summer tours. The bookings are unusually large and the knowledge that so many of their friends Intend traveling this summer has, no doubt, led to such a large number of persons securing ahlp accommodations so early in the spring. The rush began several months ago, and It la a safe prediction that no matter where one turns In Europe this summer be will meet friends or neighbor*.Americans are great travelers. The steamship companies appreciate this fact,Indies, Nassau and Bermudal-Meesrs, Leotr E. Greenbaum, Leonard J, Mann, Leon C. Coblena, Richard Janowitx, Mr. and Mrs. William Keyaer, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John H. Walsh.Bluecber, March 5 (to the West India Islands, the Spanish Main, Panama and Nassau)—Mr. Arthur Wallanhorat.Kronprinsemin Cecilia, March 9 (to Nassau. Havana, Ban Juan and Bermuda)—Miss Christine QaU. Messrs. Richard Cromwell, Douglae M. Wylie, 0. P. Airland, Jr. ,Mediterranean-Kouig Albert, November 9-Mrt. Robert M. Me-Lane, Ralph Van Bibber, John Van Bibber.Carpathia, November 27—Mra. William McCord. Mtee Julia L. McCord, Mr. and Mr*. J. Appleton Wilson, Miaa Virginia Wilson. Mlaa Adelaide Wilson, Mrs. Theodore Hooper. Mies Good enow, —r.and Mr*. James G. Stanley. Miss Mary Stanley,Miss Sarah H. Stanley.Cedric, November 29— Miss Julia R. Hodges. MisaCatherine M McLane, Mr. Joseph Di Giorgio,Mrs, Dl Giorgio, Mr. Salvatore Di Giotgio, Mise Elisabeth Trombe.-a,Cretic, December 9—Misa Cary, Mias GwendolynCary.Caronia, January 6—Mr. Charles A. Conrad. Cedric, January 5—Mr. and Mr*. Charles G. Fltigerald, Mr. Morris Whitrldge, Dr. Delano B. FiUgeraid. Mi* M. M. Manly, Ml* Riddle, WieaAnna 8 mart Riddle, Mr#* W. W. Coe. Miss BarmOot, Her. F, Ward Denys*Hamburg, January lb— Mr. and Mrs. Mark O. ShriTer, Mits Katherine Shrirer, Mr. Edward A.Dietrich.Celtic, January Ifr-Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Maron. Kaiser Wilhelm der Groeee, January 1^-Mr. and Mrs. Adam Deupcrt, Rtf, Michael J. Riordan,Mr. and Mrs, George F. M. Houck.Republic, February 2—Dr. and Mra. Henry M. Hurd, Miss E. H. Hurd, Mias A. G. Hurd. Deutschland, February 4-~Mr E. H Zeller. Kocugen Lulae, February i — Miaa Josephine8coit,