Other Articles Clipping from Baltimore Sun, Thu, Mar 17, 1904.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, March 17, 1904

HOLDS TO OLD POLICYWILMINGTON CONFERENCE OPPOSES WORLDLY AMUSEMENTS.Also Wants Time Limit Restored Many Conversions Reported On The Eastern Shore.{Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun 1 • Dover. Del., March 10—The Wilmington Methodist Episcopal Conference today instructed its delegates to the General Conference to vote against any attempt to disturb the clause of the discipline prohibiting worldly amusements and to advocate a restoration of the time limit. Dr. W. W. King, of Grace Church, Wilmington, the largest »n the conference, was one of two who voted against the resolution.Rev. A. 8. Mowbray, of Port Deposit, Md., was elected conference secretary for the thirteenth year, but his brother. Rev.W, R. Mowbray, declined the position of statistical secretary and H. A. G. Wester-fleld was chosen. Rev. Henry G. Budd, of Centrevllle, Md.. w^s elected treasurer.Presiding Elder C. 8. Baker was presented with a gold watch by the ministers serving under him in Dover district. Rev. C E. Hastings, with whom the conferencetwo years ago had a misunderstandingabout some finances, was nstored to membership Presiding Elders W. 8. Koons, of Easton district, and C. S. Baker, of Dover district, read their reports, showing all collections made, despite poor fruit and oyster seasons in Delaware and the Eastern Shore. There were l.OUU conversionsin Easton district and 800 In Dover district. while Wilmington district had 1.4**)conversions.