Other Articles Clipping from Baltimore Sun, Thu, Mar 17, 1892.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, March 17, 1892

for civil•ertioe ol»rtv -eight d April red. The xa uiners gb« rs, 0; ibpeetors,! goiucr one year. i lie via names neur KoiUiin, •! rn-xiouvilk, Laiuuiore county, adco-respondent.lip Anj* r (.ubn. in ' iturday,iks waile 'Size. anda ■ nit' .could be ■ desertedi ributod Garhn /, warruutTin; «. AM) O. KA1LK0AI).Statement of Earning* and tip«*usei for February Appointment*.The monthly meet ng ot the directors of the ilaitiuu/ie anti Oba iknlroad Companywas huid yesterday. President Mayer wasin the chair and Mr. Andrew Anderson was secretary. The following statement oi earn-logs and expenses wo-s submitted:Earnings and expense^ for February. 1892,compared with February, 1*91, 'February,1892, approximated. February, 1*91, audited./all ijm:s hast or the ohio idvkk.eback J..* wa^ one 104 res-O, propelltr-rived at, leavingrorn that • boston, nsuector3C v besn-re taken damaged arc nowBenner, twarnship he Vosel*d. Tiiey »ity II os-rants for mierican hieh ar-m Ham-w VorklMd.1*92.Earning*..Expensed..Net. ...**9,25*;- , . - . ■ —$l.£b.\.2U1.U67.W4$K). 191 Inc. los.ttds Inc.$415,704$■-'7,317$88,447 Dec.ALL LINES WJ ST OF THKOIIIO K1VF.R.EarningsE \ [ »eIls«'SNet......... . - - — 1 ii irtiij—iftiw rS 1*141. 1( 1 Sltt.$75,848 Inc. 81,558 Inc.$4lt; 4,OXa:7,04»1 $47'.*.,• 41$i5r«,‘JtiO $61V25U1 $5,710 Dec.■■ ■ •- ^ -’— —r 1—----—--- m8BMMAHY 04 i.NTIIWIST OK THE;K P VST KM LAST AND OHIO KIVEK.Earnings —Expenses — N :. *1. Iv2$1,709,020 $1,*5.0591.226,29t5 1,470,4.12$1V),C.) Inc. 2.XJ, 1 A inc.*482,724j,ve, klt;. 1 ii . -^ji ‘i 1 *****1VC.Earnings and expet se* tor he live months(if tbeflM-al ye ir 1891-92. compared with thesame months of the flc.tl 5 ear 1*90-91, (Feb-0 H. F.y adjustat Penu-at;cube used, in Chase, a long, md a legrteil. audit ion se-litimore, waiting at* from3 tbree-iave pre-Iredan 6cunder♦;e patrolhnson Sc zareit«,3i*s, Can-Captaint ot At*w e, sailedMe.puia. o), Eng., imsh.ps, g due illruarr, is if.’, upin'oximat-a.iALL LINLS KAST OK THKOIIIO KIVER.Eamimrs..1Ex pmtses..AX (.' t * • • • • •lcft4i. !- 1. r~’‘18SB.; f’j«; ISO. 401 Inc.i39.l4a Inc.$7,5.'i0,:W55,072,7(59-7,9:0.79*;5,611,014S’-,477,i!;-*lt;,$2,31*,**2n -frii — W—N- • S'* -f*$1 o'.744 Dec.ALL LINES VVKSr i»F THE OHIO UI ^EK.Karnuvrs .. Expenses..NeC ..«•*.1 lt;sy l1892.1 $316,788 Inc.210,-43 Iuc.f2,nu,4i31.W7.4S3$2,620,221: 2,hi,726jj * *;W4,M0$465,405-------------—~ v ««$10).'lt;45 Inc.SUitMART OP ENTIRE SYSTKU EAST AND WESTOF THE OHiO RIVER.Earnings.. Expenses*.;aS C?t • • • • • •1*01. fltSC\S'.s SL’' 7.tt.ti,:aoL’-310.500,0177,775,S10$t507,180 Inc. 755,:)83 Inc.$2,842.57l»:|3.784,377 $.'8,199 Dec.-eamship I pm a lor norniagrs of the art*, vedThe board continued me appomtmeut of the following agents:Main St 111— J. A. Biundon, Riverdale; MissMattie Stevens, Wood side: John H. Miller, OrlcanA Road; Louis Dashieil, Forest Gldn; E. i). Hoffman, Corinth; John Donohue, Davisville; C. M. Rauuolph, Walker.Philadelphia Division—Mr?. Mary E. Dill, Jackson; T. O. Smith, Newark.I rans-Ohio Divisions—T. J. Rader, Derby, Ohio: W. li. Woorimansee, Sabina, Ohio; John C. Parks, cashier, Newark, Ohio; E. B. Reed, Sonora, Ohio; H. \V. Buckholtx, Nova, Ohio; O. J. Gusto. Hereford. Ohio.!k TalIII itJriai11 i it jA n .1A cg -Cterd N m ufte m e ijinult hibull,healtion K* in wa^ b* gi foutguffilie tbon?AtempSoulW1 li *sio.:w v u Ja L1 n etwee at itleg him.PartHtlowsc ret and bom //lt;and m onL XSena Ami oi tb and . a biandGaroi 11 FJouchaugraillinuinapeaitt 1I aThe ;electG. hseentii.cu;Mr. 'esiuttenscluumre meI runspay) 1 A p.beadLa • 11Inllu/ithe iCourrniiLMcGiL. H IJruu G w y I(j our, Coilu