Other Articles Clipping from Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, Sat, Mar 15, 1884.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, March 15, 1884

He Had No Right to Mortgage it for Sucha Purpose.Ind. Ncwa.While the late Rev. Moses Broyles was pastor of the colored baptist church he relieved an immediate financial stria-;ency of the congregation by placing a .12,000 mortgage upon his home, on Blake street, and if he had lived there is little doubt he would have been successful in preventing a foreclosure of this mortgage, which now falls due in a few days. At the lime of his death the church property was heavily mortgaged, and it seems that the congregation have been more interested in protecting it than in saving a shelter for the widow and family of the pastor who labored with them for nearly a quarter of a century. It is a questionable matter if Mr. Broyles had a moral right to imperil the family borne even for the benefit of a church he seeins to have loved so well, but it does appear that the congregation can have little cause for gratulation if the widow aud children lose their home in order that the church may continue to exist. There is not only this incumbrance, but there is back salary still utipaid, as a News rcporter learns from the widow heraelf,and the future is not promising.UvnfaHfl nnri Nftrvniifl Prnfikratlnn.