Other Articles Clipping from Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, Sat, Mar 15, 1884.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, March 15, 1884

a letter of association.GAVE IT TO GOD!Bev. Moses Broyles while in this valley and shadow of death was a minister of fcht colored baptist gospel. He departed from this city to the realms of the blest some months ago. During the pilgrimage of the Rev. Broyles through this vale of tears it came to pass that his church was in sore travail. It was staggering under the usual church debt, and to lift this load the reverend Moses laid a mortgage upon his home. And in the course of inhuman events the mortgage has been foreclosed and the weeping relict of the reverend church reliever with her children are to be (or have been) turned in to the streets, homeless and penniless. This serves to illustrate the benefit of abundant love of god shed abroad in the soul and its unspeakable value to families. The congregation is still in good heart. The family of its late shepherd is without shelter. The savior had no place to lay his head, and this consoling thought comforts the congregation. The minister’s family are out of doors, but the church is out of debt. The shouting and praising of god still go on, and there ie no sign that conscience is troubling any of the sable saints. The News says:“A decree of foreclosure was eutered to-day by Judge Taylor in the case of Franklin Fisher against Frances E. Broyles, widow of the late Rev. Moses Broyles and her children for $3,207.25, and they will probably be deprived of their home. The deceased preacher, on November 1, 1875, executed four notes amounting to $2,360, to Fisher, to assist his church, which was in financial distress, and gave a mortgage on his home to secure the same.”Bless the name of the lord!The slander of the wicked is directing