Other Articles Clipping from Baltimore Sun, Tue, Mar 4, 1884.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, March 4, 1884

Ir. Stmart’e Appoim tments — Pr.Stouart,health commissioner, has reappointed Mr. A. K. Carter secretary to the hoard of health, a position which he has efficiently filled for several years. He has also appointed Frederick Kaborg clerk to the registrar, transferredGeorge Craig to the position of nuisance clerk, and transferred V. B. Hines b the desk of permit clerk, removing B. M. Benson, son of ex-Health Commissioner Benson.Suing for Slander.—Beverly W. Mister, attorney for Thomas E. Miskimon^entered suit yesterday in the Superior Court against Adam Kolb and Margaret Kolb for $2,500 for slander. The parties to the stilt live in tho neighborhood of Pratt and Durham streets. The plaintiff alleges that the defendantscalled him a thief.Mr. Robert if. Pennington, who wasformerly in the coal business in Baltimore city, and more lately a dealer in agricultural implements, fertilizers, lt;fce., at Glyndon, Baltimore county, died there yesterday. Hewas about 58 years old, and had* wide circle of acquaintance*.