Satan in 2nd Pres - AT Pierson

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, June 30, 1883

SATAN IN THE SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.The row in the second presbyterian church, this city, grows bigger and bigger and hotter and hotter. Satan is evidently in the midst. After the Rev. Doctor Pierson finally wired out it was hoped that peace would be restored. But his time to depart not being quite up he continues his ministrations. He is un* doubtedly an instrument of evil in the hands of the “evil one.” The editor of the People is “uearder” to the throne of grace than this deponent and is therefore better posted. In his issue of June 23d be says:“0, they are having a sweet time in the second presbyterian church over theresignation of the Rev. Dr. Pierson. This comes of selecting a pastor for his “points.” In reading the report of the meeting on last Thursday night one is forced to exclaim, “Behold how these Christians love one another!” The session made a majority and minority report, and some bitter things were uttered in the first, but still more bitter speeches were made by the brethren. An attempt was made to show that the church had violated no promises made to the Rev. Pierson—and that he accepted the call without any consideration whatever. It is staled that an “unfortunate” sermon preached by Dr. Pierson rendered en-largement impracticable. The doctor was accused of making harsh statements, and members were accused of violating their vows in seeking to draw the brethren and sisters into the tabernacle movement, and Dr. Pierson was censured for meeting with the committee of the third church while yet pastor of the second, and it was an open secret that he had promised to become pastor of the tabernacle. Mr. Hubbard tried to throw oil upon the waters, but succeeded indifferently well. The fires were rekindled by Judge Lewis C. Walker, who spoke about “a stigma on the church under which no business firm would desire to rest;” he himself “felt dishonored,” and “they had met to be released from this libel and slander”—whatever the “libel and slander” may be. It was evident that the judge had bard work tc sink his justice’s shop in the religious convocation. He objected to “the members going about befouling the nest in which they had rested,” aod declared that Dr. Pierson had caused friction by his preaching—whatever “friction” may mean—the members .are certainly sufficiently factious. He further said that Dr. Pierson’s sermons did not “consist.” Mr. Browning interrupted his judicial and Christian brother to declare that he was “driving them from the church by such talk,” when the jndge cooled down somewhat. After all the wrangling—and there was certainly enough of it—at 1lt;) o’clock the meeting closed with prayer. Sinners aie earnestly exhorted to pray for the Christians of the second presbyterian church.”