Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Sat, Jun 29, 1895.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, June 29, 1895

KEEWATIN WATER POWERMr. John Mather Gives an Account'of the Progress of This Undertaking and the AdvantagesIt Offers.Mr. John Mather of Keewatin, being in the city, a Free Press reporter asked for information concerning the dam and water power at Keewatin. Mr. Mather said that, the stone work ofMthe big dam is finished, and that preparations are being made to put in the gates In the openings, and raisethe water to the level of the lakes, from the dam upwards. When the gates are closed the enormous power conserved by these works can to some extent, be discerned. Many enquiriesare being made for power and sites for buildings. The power company have a site ready for a large power house, and hope soon to transmit electric current to Winnipeg, in suchquantity as will provide power for the street cars, and supply power toall the manufacturing concerns that may want It, A right of way for a line of transmission towards Wlnni-1 peg baa been secured In the province of Ontario. A fine map and plan of the works has been placed in the reading room of the Manitoba hotel which gives a good idea of the importance of ithis large work, controlling, as it does, the water of a mill pond 3,000 square miles .in area. The Keewatin Power company believe that there is a great future for Keewatin. Being near the wheat fields of Manitoba, and the American and Canadian Northwest, and only 130 miles from -Winnipeg, and 300 from Fort William. The location they say, 1r admirably adapted for other flouring mills, cordage and twine factories using Northwest flax, the output of which is constantly Increasing,' as well as for pulp and paper mills to be supplied from the vast forests adjoining that locality.Asked about the gold prospects, Mr. Mather spoke most encouragingly of some discoveries, and was evidently of opinion that there is yet much more to be found by proper prospecting.