Other Articles Clipping from , Thu, Jun 28, 1900.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald , June 28, 1900

IN A DARK DUNGEONFed on Bread and Water and Chained to a Bed-C*Kiehard (iardner, the alleged murderer of little Kthe 1 Long, who last week made such a desperate attack on his fellow prisoners in jail at Chiliicothe anti on a deputy sheriff, is stubbornly showing how • game” he can he, for he is still in a dungeon, being fed on bread and water and chained to a bed.Here he will remain until he will promise the sheriff to behave himself.His first attack was followed bv an attempt to strike a prisoner in the face, through a hole in the dungeon, with leg irons he succeeded in working off his bed.For this he was strung up by the hands I for five hours without even making a ! *“ whimper. For four days he has been d«* Si priced of light, regular food and bed clothing, manacled and handcuffed, and I for three days chained to his bed, but to all the sheriff's questions he still maintains a sullen silence, not having spokena word since Tuesday. He shows no sign as yet of giving in, and has now stood more punishment, without coming to terms, than any other man ever confinedin jail there.AIsmmhrthIDth