Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Tue, Jun 27, 1893.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, June 27, 1893

RAT PORTAGE.An Investigation Into the Cause ofthe Late Fine to be Held.Rat Portage, June 24.—Public feeling here is running very high in reference to the cause of the late fire, which resulted in the destruction of so much valuable property, and for atime threatened the whole business portion of the town. To such an extent has this sentiment grown that the civic authorities have deemed it expedient and necessary to cause an investigation to be-held, and steps are now being taken to* bring it about forthwith. Certainly if the terrible conflagration, which almost went beyond the combined efforts of our citizens to subdue, was the result of any crooked business, the sooner the parties implicated are brought to justice the bet* ter. Anyhow a thorough inquiry into the origin of The Are can do no harm, as manyugly rumors are afloat, which, if untrue,cannot be too soon set at rest. The citizens are very angry, and no wonder, considering the narrow escape the city had from toto! destruction. At one time it looked as if the Hilliard house was gone, and so thoroughly alarmed were the inmates that many of them had their belongings moved to a safer spot. If the Hilliard house had gone the town would have gone with it, and it was only after a hard battle with hose and bucket that the progress of the flames in this direction was stayed. Kobold’s and Gibson’s butcher stores had a miraculous escape. Bishop’s grocery store was badly burned, the stock being completely ruined, and the residence of Conductor J. M. McDonald was laid in ashes; Ward’s hotel, the place where the lire originated, was of course also burned to the ground. The insurance companies interested are the Guardian, Imperial, Atlas, Alliance and Pcenix.E. J. Barrett and N. R Ilagel, Q. C., are here to-day.