Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Wed, Jun 25, 1884.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, June 25, 1884

KILLED BY HIS S02T.Chicago, Juno *4-—A dispatch from Gercva Like, TVJi, states that Andrew J. Odell. Of East Troy. Wla., was arrested tbcro yesterday Mr an attempted asault on Susie Ingalls, of thatvillage. MLsa Ingalls was staying with Odell’s tteoiile near East 'Iroy. and night before last be ntterndted tho assault. Tho girl a erfca woro bean! bv Andrew Odells father Ho armed lilra-acir with an aie helve and1 dittotho room. Tho «ort took tho helvo fnra his father nnd beat bIra on tho head. Inflicting wounds from which ho died to-day. Tbo raurdorer boa been m. *.tatoprison all year* for committing an .“nihnm uarrtcd woman. 11 o Is now lu Jail at EllLhom.