Other Articles Clipping from , Thu, Jun 21, 1900.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald , June 21, 1900

Gardner Pleads Not Guilty.Richard Gardner, the negro confined in the Ross county jail on the charge of murdering Kthel Long at Austin, May 28, was arraigned before Judge Douglas, Saturday morning, The judge ordered Gardner to stand while Clerk Isaac N. Jordan read the indictment. Gardnerlistened in a sullen manner. He looked about apprehensively and turned in his chair to take note of the entrance of acasual spectator. There were not very many persons in the courtroom, however, because the arraignment was not generally known. The indictment contained adetailed review ot the horrible tragedy, the manner in which the prisoner had made the assault, the number and location of the wounds upon the body of the little girl which caused her death. At, the conclusion of the indictment the court asked Gardner whether or not he wasguilty of the crime charged in the indictment. Without a tremor and in a very*rplain, audible voice, he said, ‘ Not guilty of the charge, sir.” He was ordered taken back to jail and Judge Douglas set thecause on docket for trial Monday, July 9.n