Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Mon, Jun 15, 1959.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, June 15, 1959

ignorant .EducatorsSir: Becently. we heard a tape recording of: Dr, Waicutt's address on the importanceo£ phonics in the teaching of reading. Dr, Wal-eutt-presented his views and findings in a sincere, intelligent manner-, hoping to help our educators understand and benefit from the .mistakes ^experienced in his own country. However, the educators present, were determined net to learn- from, or even consider, this I-gentleman's opinion, but to ridicule and irtsult his efforts with ;flippancy and’ rudeness. Some of them'appeared beligerent and juvenile in -their futile attempt to rile'theI'speaker, and the chairman was compelled to check their conduct more than once,Through it ail'. Dr. Waleutt was a gentleman and we can only hope he did. not return to his country with the impression that all Manitobans are as ignorant as some of our educators.The resentful attitude of some- of ! our newer inexperienced teachers is understandable when we realize their young pliable minds have been under the influence of such i bigots. Soon we will have teaeher-I parent prejudice as well as racial; to fight.Teachers should remember they,: too, had parents and we are not ■ demanding any more for our children than theirs did for them. Dr, Waicutt's opinion is as expert as those they have been taught to j1 worship.I Winnipeg Shamed Canadian