Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Sat, Jun 15, 1918.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, June 15, 1918

FINDS OUR WOUNDEDGenKEEN TO FIGHT AGAIN!\\VAV Did Our Regiment Hold?” , First Question Asked of Visitor at a Hospital.119todTELLS OF FOES’ TREACHERYI:n« Boy Deelsrt* They Carried Mi chine Gune In Stretchere Under Red Croce Ineignla.5 mlssli Flv( Maine York a Muscio Max noniatKilled I Lost at lle»l o Act Met* Died vtBr N4RY BltC'BH WILLI A**- *^Copyright. ISIS. by The CM—• Tribune.| PARIS. June 14 —The minute I entered the lone hospital corridor i ^ gvart of a pair of eyes They were tristful; they were searchingWanted eomething j Mis*.ns-This was one of our base hospitals-Totni Wound!GraiArn emerf e land 1 was there because It was crowded with wounded Americans Our boys bad smelled tha smoke of battla and boms Its wounds Swathed in bstodages they crowded the wards whose swing-Wig doors wafted heavy odors of ioa lt;orm Not nearly all of them could gsf Into tbs rooms, and the overflow lined MULCT lt;he corridors In a lane of cots RTfUhsd ; iett. +nd to end Men from the Mississippi [ twain and the wheat fields of the North- S*XT«' jreat. from California, New York.Kentucky filled that hospital, ar. was wo Ufht skirmishing that had brought there. They were barring thetay to Paris when they got their oundsI in a cot against an end wall s' boy whose gate fascinated me i tot * * lay stiffly 1st a cast outside the bedclothes and one arm swung from a pur ley His pal.id face was framed strong black ) a r that reached backward against the upright low Only his ay*s showed any animat.on. and although we were fully half a block apart they reached out and spanned the distance. stretching an invisible bridge between him ar*d me. I SSdd to myself he wanted something and that I would go Knd fetch it for him I hurried as fast as I could—which wasn't very fast, because of the congestion of the corridor py blanketed men on stretchers wl {were being wheeled along the narrow bath between the cots. Nurses hurried mwng with thermometers, anl Red * rose men with cups of gxu*I There's a good deai of traffic along Uii boulsvard. * grinned a boy from be-klnd a diagonal bandage with which they had bound his head F Ail through ray slow progress those eyestver left my face They kept drawn.l d shortening the bridge between us. \Am I neared his bed in the last lap of {that trip I pushed past a doctor and a.I Jbu' upset a cup of coffee on a chair b#-L’de ^ *'oL so urgert seemed this one jboy s need. I * .HBltflana;uteinBOVIEDellvwoouagtat*HEIJ*.Idahi BROWN Popli HRoWN mlng CONOV J CoiioAeked If HI* Regiment Held On. gay. lady. he threw out his voiceird me * ‘ -Id you i ossibly ted ne have they got any news of mj regl-e Do ou know whether they ieid? He made no personal requestI was g^spmg to recover from the ueetlon so unforeseen, another voice einforeed him It came from a man ylng flat on his bed In t QgX oot blth hU eyes bandaged o\er and his ace wcannc the withdrawn, unpar- i acipative look of those who c*n?1• What 1 want to know is. did triey i old the railroad in front of-— •3 the important question. If they did ve re a. r^ht. ar.d * bodies ever g»*i another foot nearer 1 a. • ^ liong that frontCAPSAi ( ape cwgo CAH.JivNobtCZT7.K*MontruriJ.Rv-f • HUTCH H1lt;m J A WC'R Lino;aMN9( R. t JUHT1C Trtm KEMlO spal« LJCNAH hkn. MEEHJ Uftg MICH A a.eea sorn.Vn*WWF. den REKDK W ROTTE 1.144 8AUNE gum SCHMI Bohr STEW A Man 7. I T * N 1 U I-COT LI St.. MAl.Ol* Hor MU.I* 4 JeffST A NOw#iCOUCH #aIgpggja til sa v * * as * * % •A boy on a neighboring cot made a gas- doi- - A ■__~ that fhji man M : 1S'ure to indicate to me that this man :ght was forever gone Only ms upper orehead end his lower Jaw were Msio.c eyond the bandage, but they were set nd square. I wish I could get ba k X that, doggone it! 1 couldn t stand it I those swine had got to arts I later got his record. He was u iiui Myers of Louisville and he travel-h! for his father who is ^ the liquor • usineas It a a long way between 1W4. rhen the French ponoe oward the Marne in taxicabs ami ea'edbe lovely capital, and wll!nfr!,ifmy, called Hill and his friends from he Mississippi Basin helped defend it. rhe old planet must have turned over r. Its sleep since them ”- I'm go Interested In my regiment, laid the Mind boy His r,;i|hJ'r beckoned to me and a iperedthathe nos bought about anything but lever talked about himself nor made a erelt;»n 11 re.4uest nor asked f his sigh' vas gone for ever He wan elt;l tcrlsltor had corne and asked him d ■ manted anvthlnc. and he asked her to please find out anything she could ibout bis regiment 8he read the 'f three cons*K:utlve days wr.ich men-loned them Then all news ceased Hut :he blind boy s only comment was that liey must have been relievedFOfiTE Fo# HOt-OI fsn» rARTI Pur PRICE an 1PHAFCurOEHT.I(•ehaccCAfKinCOLLItheBorUM Fear the Bayoaet.I was invitad to sit down, andQr#rsatlon became general.' Thgge boches can t fight in thspggt” said Frank Deluca, a boy from#w York State, who had been ehot inig lung !ie panted a little gm heJkad *' This, was an open scrap andput four of t£.em on the run with mylyonet Theyv can t star.d the sight ofbayonet. Individually, they ain’t ■lt;rave Its thgt they're organised ando In great lots or else they stay ini# woods or in the trenches and underjver wherd they are dead safe. Thenisy'r* carefu* to pick you off mUmt. , •• Oughtn't you stop talking -A. sltgnt.••rDAVIfl«*BkDtTNBA\lt;FINNB204gHKElran BUN rl ho\BRATlt;WeBUB LIChioarr:•or, HAS A* Hai HETZIPaiJON F.* \ nr KAl.TntoiI.TDRCox—»h wag roountlnii’ his cheek ^ Don't u want a drink ofvwater? His hand iM over the sore spot in his !ing. Are*No. You know what those bochaehlat^1 is just about as much of the per-nal in con\ersatlon you will ever get t of any of them, fe continued with his narrative.• Of course, you're not supposed to oot when you see a Red lt;or\ 11 in s arm and a stretcher in his hand. Ml we saw a lot of them one day ana ‘ until ail of a sudden It _oc« nixedthembs \ or Tha Mmse Al armslswera I asand 1 thirst’* I « ing rr this ' do J«hiup until ail of a sudden it occurred hlt;on# of u. that tho## ilnjchw* h«d hin thlt; he sa one li He w been slmpl was 1 •• O! be utsendtrlbut « Di this \rful queer shapeg. One of our boys .t took the tip of hi# bayonet and pped back the *ray blanket coverms TThore wu a whole mountain or -•rldaea We uncovered another, and »at do you think showed up' A.main* gun. Thoeo were regular soldjer».,t you ought to have leen them taae their heeT# In the ^rrap that foUowed^ e uaed to sav at home that my little iter would cry y°u pointed your iger at her Well let me tell you oee German# win ny If you point vonet at them It « »# a machine g n , lor n at got mo from over In the wooda I Tha idrr cover when we were going 1 ter 9*• Did they give you brandy be*'ore you j Sou** ~ IMP!rhs boy's *yes opened in surprise Th.i. l*;g ?rmans give their men ether before if it lt;lt;v send them out into the open ! again•No, AflMrticaaa don t se*rn to want | ivthlng You dont feel afraid when. Etima comes'Amertc-gns haven t sense enough to | |ellf.r » afraid grinned a man who lay so it and heavy and lifeless on his cot at he ha^l not attracted attentionme of his companions whispered to i that this was Alva Ketchtim of nr.^ssoe. and that h* waa gomethlng a hero in his own lightWhere are you wounded I ae-indedHawked Ilia Csgtetw DwwaASullivwwntitheirhad it snJustattac he »blott€ not *t he a