Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Sat, Jun 15, 1918.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, June 15, 1918

FINDS OUR WOUNDEDclt;KEEN TO FIGHT AGAIN119to 7f Did Our Regiment Hold? ”\ First Question Asked of f:s aiVisitor at a Hospital. j 5 mMaiYor1 ^ I MuiTELLS OF FOES’ TREACHERYMaJOne Boy Declares They Carried Mi Shine Guns In Stretchers Under ! Red Cross Insignia. I jKillWo.Misem«Bf M4HV HB1 SH WILLUMI. * ^alt;l1jj Copyright. IMA. *7 Tho Chicago Tribune. | «•* PARIS. June 14-The minute I en- | tered the long hospital corridor I was »were of a pair of eye* They Wistful; they were searching. They Wanted eomethln*This wee one of our beee hospital*.Wnd 1 was there because it was crowded with wounded Americana Our boy*Had emailed the smoke of battle and borne Its wounds Swathed in t.akidagea they crowded the ward* whose awing-fcg doors waftsd heavy odors of iodoform Not nearly all of them could gat ► to the rooms, and the overflow Unsd j HUj 2h. corridors In a lane of cots stretched j 1 +nd to end Men from the Mississippi twain snd the whest fields of the North-West, from California. New York, and Kentucky filled that hospital, and It was I ao light aktrmlahlng that had brought (ham thers. They wore Darrin* theCty to Paris when they *ot their oundaI In a cot gginst an and a ail Mt a Hoy whoss *aie fascinated me. One leg BEl (ay stiffly In a cast outside the bed- BR‘ flothes and one arm swun* from a pui ley. His pal. id face was framsd BRC stron* black 1 a.r that reached beck-JCOJ ward a*alnst the upri*ht pillow Only his ayes showed any animation, and although we were fully half a block apart '(hey reached out and spanned the dls-(wnce. stretching an invisible brid*e between him and me. 1 said to myself he wanted somethin* and that I would *oBO'IWOiCA1Jrz^id fetch it for him. I hurried as fast j n_ . . . • * . - - .* iHITI*M A MISTHj I could—which wasn't • fast, bv-jHMaa of the congestion of ths corridor by blanket*! men on stretch era whojJA\ {ware being wheeled along the narrow Lath between the cots Nurwi hurried L.ang with thermometers, an! Red -jcragg men «U grue KEl There’s a good deal of traffic along j ■ kills boulevard.’* grinned a boy from be- j Lind a diagonal bandage with which j ME they bad bound his hea 1 MI(1 Ail through ray slow progreasthoseeyestver left roy face They kept drawing NO d shortenm* the brllt;l*e between us p Us I neared his bed In the last lap of •Ehat trip I pushed past a doctor and all u1 upset a cup of coffee on a chair le- ; Ru de a. cot. so ur*ert seemed this °neJ8Al • s need .if Hie Keslsaent Held Os. i ~ Say. lady.” he threw out hta votes '• Jtowsil me Could you possibly tell /n (me have they not any non of my re*1-!msnt. I vo you know whether they IbeldT He made no personal request.As I was (isp.np to recover from the ua e .ration so unforeseen, another TO,c* i CO reinforced him It came from a man l:n* flat on hi* bed In the next cot with his eyes bandaged over and his face wearing the withdrawn, unpar-tidpative look of those who cannot see • WUt I v.*nt to know is. did they hold the railroad m front of——, that u the important question If they aid we re all right. e!.d those boches could r«vtr gn another Iwot r.earer lari*along thst from A boy on a neighboring cotir.ade a gcs- | Dlt; lure to Indicst# to m* that tnui man s tight was :ofp**'r go:.*' forehead and his lower jaw were \ isio.c Uyond the? bandage, but they were and square. ’* I wish I could get back at that, doggone it I couldn t etgad itB those swine had K°t to Fmng. w ill. P* X later got his record He was Will laius Myers of LoaiivlU* and he travel- :*d for his father who Is In tiiw *xior j business. It s a long way between lu*4. | when the French poila* traveled o toward the Marne In taxicabs an* 1 «ved tbs lovely capital, and Ikl h/nfr * boy. called Bill, and hi* friend* from the Mississippi Basin helped defend it. . oE The old planet must have turned over IIr. Its sleep since then ...•• I'm so Interested In my regiment, said the Mind boy His neighbor oned to me and whispered that 1her*ever thought about anything but them.a*v»r ulkod about h V# VMihipersonal re.4uest nor asked If his sUlil . was gone for ever. He wan elt;i t,t know If ht* regiment had been ! crvtaltor had come and aaked him If n* wanted anythin*, and he k***5 *? r-lt;pi.a* find out anythin* ahe couid about hla regiment 8h# read the papers dT cf three rona-cutlve day* which men-rioned them Then all new* ceaaed But j ri the blind boy a only comment »u that they ni'uil have been relievedBorhM Kear ike Boyeaet. 81I wu Invited to alt down, and the gocversatlon became general Bf Theee bochea can t fl*ht in the •pen.” aaid Frank Deluca, a boy from j firm York State, who had been shot In q the tun* He panted a little aa he ^ talked • Thla. waa an open acrap and I put fo -r of tj.em on the ran with my HI bayonet. ' They, can t atand the at*ht of JC a bayonet individually, they aun t ao brave. Ita th*t they’re orgnnixed and *o In great lota or elae they atay In the woode or In the trenohea and under oover where they are dead *afe Thenthey're careful to pick you off f j th*• Oughtn't you stop talking . A rofht b# flush WAS mounting his i-hssk kSLi you want s drink ofvwat«r His hsnd hl was over the sore spot m hts lung. Are ,know what thoae tochss j ardo tloh’t vou s\That la Just about as much of ?ne personal in conversation you will ever get _ out of any of them. thHe continued with his narrativeOf course, you’re not supposed toPHIm;K-1.1Tinihoot when you see a Red OT\f thoin'i arm and a stretcher in his hand. ( ^Ve\\, we saw a lot of them one day anlt;^. rt up until all of a sudden it occurr»*d j o one of us that those str^chers had , JJ ,wful queer shapes. One of our boys ust took the tip of his bayonet and |'IS*Upr I nOM VUV iiy • — 1P^d beck the grey blenket coveringI'-There vu a whole mountain of'. V. enAfhpr an.l t«e-tlldcee. We uncovered another, and. rhat do you think .bowed up' Ama- • mne gun. Tboee were regulax aold er* » ►ut you ought to have aeen them take o their he*.* In the acrap that followed Ve uaed to sav at home that my little inter would cry If you pointed your iP.grr at her Well let me tell you how German* win fly If you point tY ..vonrt at them It waa a machine g ;n | K hat got mo from over In the woods inder cover when we were going \erb«ntr^®8'thsy glvs you brandy before youTh* boy's *vgg opened In surprise Th * Xsrmans givs thetr men ether before hey send them out into the open.No. Americans donit seem to want jiything You don't f*el afraid whenHilHMplk __■'Americans haven t sense enough to ie afraid ** grinned a man who lay so 'at and heavy and lifeless on his cot hat he had not attracted attention ►eforetrSiiiMifS|leSOnk of hi* companion* whl.pcrcd to ^ I* that thi* wa* Alva ketchum •nn«MMee. end that he waa aomethln* f a hero in hla own light ■ Where are you wounded I ae-■ b.:k [8K**ebe4 Hie Ce*t«r» Dewe.** In the hack.” he anawered '* I gotd: IH« bayonet fn the hack•• were you lying on your atoroach? ’•• No I waa taken prisoner, andent along with them for a w*ya and I 1. - en 1 fig-ured it that I d rather t.e dead it -an a prisoner to those people. :* i tarted a acrap I dldn t ut my band*, but I knocked t» o of