Other Articles Clipping from , Thu, Jun 14, 1900.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald , June 14, 1900

RICHARD GARDNERIndicted for Murder in Firit Degree Ofat ChillicotheThe special grand jury In the case of Richard Gardner returned an indictmentTraeiin tusuof murder in the first degree, at Chllli-cothe, Thursday afternoon. His trial will be begun in a short time and if con- pen victed of the murder of Ethel Long as in- | fes! dieted, the penalty will be death in the j of eiectrlcution chair in the penitentiary annex at Columbus.whsubClO!thrGardner, the alleged murderer was arraigned before Judge Douglas in the common pleas court at Chillicothe, Saturday T morning and Hon. Archibald Mayo was fac appointed to defend him. The date for the trial was not set, but it will probably take place within a month.No person in Chillicothe knew thattioichiprcwiiGardner was to be brought there, and j liewitof |clathere was no crowd at the t'nion station when he arrived. Sheriff A. T. Swepstonhad his prisoner on the steps of the platform ready to leave the train as soon as it stopped. Gardner was hustled to the waiting carnage, driven rapidly to the county jail and locked in a cell before a dozen people knew that he had been brought there.At the opening ot the court of commlt; n He pleas Saturday morning there were only Ha a few attorneys at the bar, court and those within the rail, and not more than ten or a dozen persons occupying the seats outside the couit. Most of thesemesello’cratnuimehad no suspicion that Gardner was to be arraigned. At 9:90 a. m. Gardner preceded by Sheriff Swepston and followed by Deputy James Devine, came across the bridge from the jail and entered the courtroom.Gardner took his seat in a cltair before the court and looked down at his feet.pi adelhaWlt;anIOn being told by Judge Douglas to stand up. he arose slowly, still keeping his eyes do.vn. To the court's interrogation as to whether he had an attorney to defend him or if he had the means to emnloy one, he only shook his head and mutteredonThsulCaStiWianMl* ChaHithe negative, whereupon Judge Douglas Core;asked Hon, Archibald Mayo if he would unteriake the defense of the prisoner. Up m Mr. Mayo’s replying in the affirmative, Sheriff Swepston beckoned to Gardner and he was taken back to jail, there to await his day of trial, which will probably be in the latter part of this month or in the early part of July,Gardner refused to talk anti maintains a stolid indifference of demeanor under all circumstances. This is in markedthlt;OvCo•IHiNlt;Mion“CGcfottiltsotcontrast to his conduct immediately after his arrest, when he talked freely and told a number of conflicting stores as to himself and with regard to hts proceedings on the day of the murder of Eihel Long.By the api»intmont of Mr. Mayo, Gard- J In ner was given the service# of one of the formost criminal lawyers In Ohio. The stale's case will ba conducted by Prosecuting Attorney Clay poo!, who will prob ablv be assisted by one ot more attorneytnoilof tlie court. §§ ;:f m ? 1- : t'L,i There were no eKfitkement or threatsr mi e tow a r 1 t i 16 pi I ho ne 11 *i n lt;1: ill-1 dent that the cool jndffement of the peo jrnillI9h*.} that he Is neing brought peeiiuy to 4I «it ice,-«»* #\u-