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New Dylan film explores infamous Rolling Thunder Revue tourBob Dylan relaxes between shows.ALAN SMALLBOB Dylan has spent his whole career creating myths and personas to keep fans and critics scratching their heads in wonder.So why should they be surprised a new film from the Nobel Prize-winning, folk-singing legend should continue leading them down the garden path?NFTFLIXDylan has always been a careful collector and protector of his image — a complete archive and museum is being created in Tulsa, Okla., alongside a similar one dedicated to his idol, Woody Guthrie — so instead of leaving all that Rolling Thunder footage on the cutting-room floor, Dylan kept it in his vault of concert recordings and unreleased studio material.All these years later, he let Scorsese and his team sift through the hours of 16 mm film footage, clean it all up and re-edit it. And in so doing, Scorsese helps remove the layers of dust off one of the first personas Dylan created to keep the “real Bob Dylan” shrouded in mystery.It'c o rrTr ^ cn/'/'oo ofi 11The result means Rolling Thunder Revue is not a historical document, nor a look back at a charming chapter of Dylan’s storied career, a producer admits in an interview with Reuters.“We are not calling it a documentary,” Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story producer Margaret Bodde tells the wire service, adding the film’s fictional elements follow the creative spirit of the 1975 tour.N other words, Dylan fans and critics should not expect another revealing look back at Dylan himself, like Scorsese'si. t-'v i rr i t . * i-i-