Other Articles Clipping from Baltimore Sun, Mon, Jun 9, 1879.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, June 9, 1879

Frlt; rn the publishers :Novelle Yon Kathlnka. Sutro-Sehueking. Baltimore: RosMnader k Morf.There are two interest*, apart from the merit a of this German novel, both In pb t and story, that make a notice of it a matter of more than usual concern. In the first place it is the w.»rk of a lady residing In Baltimore, who Is the wife of one of our merchant*, and in the next place it 1 a Baltimore publication. To readers of German works of fiction iti this country Mrs. Sutro-Srhucking l'4 already known by a no\el published in Cincinnati several years ago, in competition for a prise, the first premium on that occasion being awarded hot over ail com petit rs.