North Hill Mine Athens Brick Co

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, July 31, 1902

NORTH HILL\K\l\RECEDINGO WVf nmnSlowly But Surely It Is BeingConverted into Brick andPaving Block,270 FT. CUT AWAY IN 10 YEARSIo \vSalihvKo fowtiltEnough Brtck Have Been Wade from the Shale tn the Hill to Pave a farm cf j Di 285 Acre* or a Thirty Foot ! j,\Street E.ghty Miles Long.For 11ie lover of nataro in and aboatl»ethAthena old North Hill lm* been andin yet a favorite resort. Looking monthfront North Hill one g*ts an excellentview of the classic citv. Front noRU!rateff,Itother point of view can the beholdersee so much of Athens at a close range.But North Hill is not to be a favoriteseapicnic ground of Athenians forever The pick and shovel are removing the hill as rapidly as it can be done. The industry of man is converting the crude products of nature into instruments of civilization. The businesscotwiwi\grr ♦enterprise of the Athens Brick Company is rapidly turning the old hill into street paving and building material.BnarttinFUOn the twelfth day of October, Ifitll,the Athens Brick Company vt as ineorporated under the laws of Ohio. The first brick that came out of the factorywas marked bv Ralph O’Blenessthe twentieth day of May, !W2, Themachinery of the brick plant was incomplete operation on the first day of.Tune of that year. Since then up tothe first of January, 1002, there have been made at the Athens Brick PlantB.1sto’etiltelcfuifri56,518,585 bricks.When the Athena Brick Companybegan operation North hill ext*as far south as the north side of theJnnod mill. In ten years a depth ofnearlv 270 feet has been cut away.that is, the south edge of North hillhas receded it) that time 370 feet.Since there have been removedfrom North hill 078,338,000 pounds of clav and shale. It takes about twelvejMHtuds of the raw material to make one finished brick. The total numbersatW.ThPatinthlt;aan“(wiretO.tinretof bricks that have been made out ofNorth hill, if brought together, wouldpave a farm of 385 acres. One coaidpave a street thrirty feet wide antieighty miles long with the oritput ofthe Athens Brick Company daring theepof!C.Clrellast ten years.The average amount of clay andshale removed per day is about 185auye * .totons. The average number or nricxsturned out in one lt;lay is 50,(MX). These are of two kinds, street pavers and standard size builders. The former after drying and burning weigh aboat ten pounds, while the latter after drying and burniug weigh six pounds. These bricks are nine incheslong, four inches wide, and three and one quarter inches thick. When made ready for shipment about 6400 are put in a thirty ton car and about 57lt;* in a twenty-five ton car. These i wi•p!SOIoffubyellt;tWmiofwiJabrick' are shipped to many (mints inthe Uuietd State*. Shipments havtbeen mad* to the following states outside of Ohio: Indiana. Kentucky,ofthceWest Virginia, Missouri, Michigan,]sn, |Delaware, Mississippi Illinois. Wis-M innesota. iSftiSToday there are aboutmen on the pay roll of the AthensBrick Company. Sixteen men are digging and pounding away on old north hill every day, while 50,000ananbricks are thrown out of the plant inthe *amc time. Since work began in1803 the record shows that this diggiug and (SDuudiug on north hill andthe consequent removal of about 30, -118 tons of clav and shale has tieendone in 1458 daysmWRcliviwatTAt this rat** in another period of ten v**ar* north lull will have receded Inearly 800 feet from its present edge,while th** north end of Court streetwill have been lengthened correspondingly. Let ttiis destruction of northhill continue until the year 3000, andthe old hill will l*e to the highiuiud-MPIAered and aristocratic deuizens of Athenswho will Is- walking up and downCourt »tr***’t, neither a conscious factnor a memory but merely somethingg«Cg*uitold about In the* •*51