Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Sat, Jul 30, 1910.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, July 30, 1910

OUST WESTINGHOUSEELECTRIC HEADInventor and Organizer Deposed™ mfrom the Presidency of HisPrincipal Company.OPPOSED NEW INTERESTSEx-President Ha* Been at Loggerheads with Creditors* RepresentativeEver8lnce Appointment of RscolverGeorg® Westlnghouse. Inventor of the airbrake tnd organiser of some eighteen American and foreign companies whichmmuftrturt his Inventions, was deposedfrom the Presidency of the 160000,000 Westlnghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, which was the principal one of his organisations. This est-inghouse enterprise went Into the hands of a receiver in the panic of 1907, and whenit wae rescued by its banking creditorsand reorganised fourteen months later the direction of the company's policiesxl’Msl lu reran! v in thft handa of th© CUilr-formerly head of the Rock Island system, whohas repreeented the banking creditors. Friction between the organiser of thecompany and the representative of Itsfinancial rescuers began almost immediately, and Wall Street has been expectingfor nearly a year exaetly what happened at yesterday’s meeting of the Directors.The deposition of George Westlnghouse from even the nominal headship of his biggest organisation is looked upon In Wall Street as the logical result of his failure to recognize the potency of the new Influences In his company's .affairs.A year ago his disagreement with thelowers In control was the cause of his elng allowed a six months* vacation, in which it was hoped that a truce would be reached. He was not present at the annual meeting of Director In Pittsburg onWednesday, and has. fn fact, been taking another six months' vacation since January. His difficulties with Chairman Mather end the Hoard of Directors came to a head about a month ago, when he Issued a statement attacking Chairman Mather and the present management of the corn-participating In the receivership timffo Traotlior the c nirugo Traction interests, taking the ground tnat It was hardly becoming for the Westlnghouse Company, Itself onlyrecently out of a receiver’s hands, to help put a customer fn the sama box.At that time Chairman Mather mad® abrief but pointed reply, explaining thatPresident westlnghouse had not been supported by a single member of the Direct, orate in his stand, and since the* Wall fltreet has awaited the annual election or officers only to know who would be hi successor. President WestinshouRe male no contest at the annual meeting of stock! holders, and the regular board was elected, which made b* deposition at ye*ter-fiday's meeting of the Directors a foregoneconclusion. One of the conditions of the reorganization was the formation of aproxy Committee to serve for five year*, consisting of Charles Francis Adams.James N. Jarvle F W. Roebllng. JacobH Sehlf*. and Robert 8. Hinith. These committeemen voted the administrationticket, , , _Yesterday's meeting elected Edwin FAtkins of the Boston firm of R, AtkinsA Co., President, to succeed Mr. \\e*t-inghouse, but the choice Is believed to beonly temporary. K. M. Herr, long associated with the Westinghouss Companyand a Vide President since tha company sfinancial troubles, has besn spoken of in the eventual head of the company. MrHerr is an electrical expert and practical man. who jp looked upon as the bestqualified successor of the deposed President. The fact that he was not elected at yeAerday's meeting is explained In thetttreet as due to his reluctance to ee«m to be stepping Into power through the defeat of his late chief, with whom he has beencloeelv associated In the company's upbuilding. The new President has bean a member of the Board of Director# since the company's organisation, an4 it Is understood that he accepted the Presidency with the distinct understandingthat he wa* to hold office only until a permanent successor could be chosen.At yesterday’s meeting the other retiring officers were re-elected and additional officers wore elected, including G, W.Hebard and H. D. Shute, who were namedAnting Vice Presidents.Ex-President Weetinghousf* Is President of the French. Italian, and Russian Wast-Compantasboard of the English company. He isth# Wentiralso President of th# Westlnghouse Airbrake Company, th WestlnghQuae Brake Company, Ltd., of London: the Westing-house Lamp Company, and the Westing-house Machine Company. There are eighteen American and foreign companieswhich bear hJs name, and the stock capi talitatlon of the American companies organised to-exploit his inventions totals close to f100,000.ono. ,Edwin F. Atkins, the newly elected President of the Westlnghouse Electricand Manufacturing Company, la littleknown In Wall Street. He is a sugar man, and is one of the most important Importer* and manufacturers of Cuban sugar.His firm In Boston have been importers— —I—of sugar and commission merchants andbankers sines 1*74. From IMP to iftPil hewas a Director of th* Union Pacific Railway Company, but moat of his present-day corporate connections are in the sugai manufacturing line.MR. WESTINGHOUSE SILENT.Say* H* Lgave* to Director* th« Taskof Explaining Their Cour**.Special is Th* N»u Y»rk Tiwt. PITTSFIELD. Mass., July 29—GeorgeWefUnghous#, who I* at Er#kine Park, hii ham*, in Lnno*. refused to-night tocomment on th* election of Edwin Atkinsof Boston as President oX the Weetlng-houee Company. Mr Westlnghouse said:I am for the present unwilling to make any statement and shall therefore leave to the Director* and officials of thecompany the task of explaining theircourse.uc