Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Jul 30, 1896.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, July 30, 1896

, iii iffSheriff’s Sale.S io 2h Adf'la Gardnervs.lt; hanes L. t umpbeM. et al.i-ta tv*i u ‘ 6 (»♦ » I) Ou£Older of be- *r*I r;i! semenr and Sale- Athens( c lid j ( our* lt;ommon Ideass uIly virtue rg an order oj reipnrulmnent and 5 la *aieduly Hsuedouugtherourtof romriion Pleasi a »j ofA’M'fi lt;county, Ohio, in the atur ♦* entitled action and to (IIrect**lt;X% I shall otter for sale, at publi« nuetion. at the frontdoor of the court Louse, in Athens, in s dd count) and hi ate, onSatunlujt Antf. 1st, lSJ|i;f :d one n o llt; lt;k p in. »: *atd day, the ioMovvlng I!♦ .*;••♦ i * .; * • v f lt;r - | —y1 i»eu TitAcrr Lot No. six Hundred and flttv- ! Mi six ! »» in i -L Aliens '*»'0!.d addition to the village of (tlousti r, Athens county, Ohio, as I 5o 1 showiion plat duly recorded In the Keeorder's office at Athens, excepting the llt; .\« r or No. six tb vein of coal lying under said lot which the said Joel J. \ijeit hereto rest rvea unto himself,hU Ltdrs ami assign.* forever, together with theright to tulne and remove the same.« omi TRIC1: -situate in t.he \ Plage oft.lousier, in the county of Athena and state of Ohio, be I ii# let No. hi* hundred and nrty-seven Mi57 in Joed a. Allen m second addition to said village or «.lousier, saving and excepting the great or number six (*;• vein oi coal lying underneathsaid lot with the right to mine and remove the00) 09 f onl ‘Ni nolt; m\ 11r hu* v.ii 'Him' atm I riHU» * I lit, % name; also, the right to use any entries or atrI 02Bedde-Uidr.1» d*\S.ways that may be in or under said lot for the purpose or removing coal or other minerals from ad loin tog or accessible t racts.TiiihdThact:- Lot No. aevc n hundred lt;?Hh situate In the village of U lousier, Athens county, and state of Ohio, being in Jonathan Allens Addition to said village of (.muster us shown upon the recorded plat of said village tn theLecor Jer aottUe at Athens, Ohio, excepting endreserving all mining and mineral rights andprivileges which Jon athan K Allen has reserved unto himself, his heirs and assigns forever.Kockth Thai r:—Lol No. three hundred and twenty-one ;tsil) in Thomas ('. Wright’s secoud addition to Medulla (now called ulouster) at* shown upon a recorded plat thereof in the He-carder's office Of Athens county, Ohio, in flat ^ | Hook No, 3, page iJT.• | Lot No sit hundred and fifty-seven (057) ap-I praised at one hundred and eight |K»H) dollars, “ Lot Vo. h\t hundred and ttfty.gtx (Ml) appraised at twenty-seven (27) dollars.Lot No, seven hundred (TUO) appraised at six-teen UP dollars.hot No. three hundred and twenty-one (321) amnalsi d at one thotixan 1 (1U0U) dollars.Terms of Male—( ash in hand on day of safe.N als m. lt;forhoi;in scomsum(«u v fcaprriandJuAdiVt*ofle-h-il-‘C-n-thtoar! fItnCou:saleSat Itf. 1. MILKY. MherlfT B.v D. 11. Edwards, Deputy. L. M Jswrrr, VWtl* A ft* jr.July 4 to July 00, lsnn-ncnfT-w.vat tifolkHUtoW 1 •vt.ltlandtowiSa»e..