Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Jul 26, 1900.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, July 26, 1900

W MV vtVM*can success will mean the retention of the 1200,000,00(1 in the United States that we now annually pay to foreign shipowners for doing our foreign carrying. Democratic success means the continuation of the foreign (chiefly Urltlsh) monopoly of our foreign carrying. » »Chairman Dick of the state Re-imbllcan executive committee has already started to organize for a vigorous and careful campaign. This early action is not because there is any doubt as to the outcome in November but simply because it is the aspirations of the committee to give President McKinley the largest plurality in his own state that was ever given a Republican nominee. In this effort the state committee will have the hearty support of every county committee and especially in Athenscounty. There was never a campaignstarted in Athens county when there has been more unanimity of sentiment and a more general desire on part of Republicans to do their utmost. It is the spirit of gratitude rather than the spirit of duty thatspurs Republicans on this year. It isn't novr a theory that confronts us but the maintaining of a condition that has been practically demonstrated. ,,wttn anu influence upon their superior officers will be sure to raise the Negro in the popular esteem and do in calculable good. Some of these men are colonels at 93,200 per annum, lieutenant colonels at 13,000, majors at •2,200, captains (mounted) at I2.00O, captains (not mounted) at $1,800, first lieutenants (mounted) at 11,600, first lieutenants (not mounted) at 91,500,etc.”After going into detail as to the number, character and intelligence of the Negro officers and men, thedistinguished Ohioan turns to the financial side of the administration's generosity. He gives a table of statistics regarding various colored regiments, and quotes a speech of Hon. Judson W. Lyons, the efficient and honored register of the treasury, praising Mr. McKinley’s admlnistra tlon, Gen. Grosvenor a^ds:The colored citizens had during the war 2«ti officers, approximated, and a fair average of salaries at $1,600, 9422,600*. 14,184 privates at 9208, 13,01.,412: 5,000 men employed as drivers, cooks. servants, laborers, etc..at$2.‘0 per year, $1,250,(MX). Total♦4,751,072. :Add to this tne nonor attached to the following names and positions: Go!. J, R. Marshal of Illinois; Col.good at present.There was no church here Sunday on account of the heavy rain storm.Miss Alice Williams of Athens is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Williams.Little Miss Hannah Kmblcton Is recovering from quite a severe case of poison about the hands and face.Dr. Sprague has improved the appearance of his dwelling very much by the addition of a new veranda.O. M. Cook, who has spent the greater portion of the summer at Murray City, spent Sunday with his parents near here.There will be an ice cream supper ac the Hall Saturday evening for the benefit of the church. AH are plost cordially invited to attend and makethis an enjoyable event.Mrs. Hetty Phillips, aged 16 years, died at her home in this place Saturday evening after an illness of about three weeks. Funeral services from the M. E. church Monday, conducted by Rev. Spencer, Interment in the Nye cemetery.Our village was a deserted one Thursday, every one having gone to see Buffalo Hill at Athens. Refreshments served in the afternoon in the form of a drenching rain, of which all partook fully and enjoyedimmensely.First Tramp—I envy dem butterflies wit’ nothin' ter do but sippin* de flowers.Second Tramp—Oh! I dunno. Seems ter me dey does a lot o’ bust 11 u’ Puck.Marked Down.Bachelor—But I can't see much in the girl you pointed out to me. She is so insignificantly small.Cheerful Matchmaker — Precisely. That is why she happens to be avail' able—a remnant.—N. Y Worldtoaerosmudailif.“Oh, yes, my husband’s mother is lovely—just lovelyw-but It's awfullyhard living with her.”How can that bet”Why, no matter what I do, I can’t get her to quarrel.”—Chicago Record.• tStItVery Hold‘There’s nothing like putting a bold face on it!”As he said this the forger raised the face of a two-dollar check to $»oi) There w as no question about the boldness of it.—N. V. World.To Core Constipation Forever.i,%! 9?¥*f*u Caady Cathartic, ioc o »« t. C. C, tail to cure, druggists refund mSOftfk Meeting Greek.Office lUjy—'ftiere’g a man ilownstair* wants to see yon.S|jUtor--Sho\v him up.Office Boy—He says he’s going to show yon up.—Town Topics.wm*.ren,e..DO I’1'!? «;ide than De-\\ .tt s Little harly Kiser* Alwaysprompt and certain Cline $ PharmacyliverROSBoysBlackWe oveout willsee whaW.H.E