Other Articles Clipping from Newmarket New Era, Fri, Jul 24, 1857.

Clipped from CA, Ontario, Newmarket, Newmarket New Era, July 24, 1857

• A Chivari—Sarlous Amassment.-,On tho evening of ihc 13th insi.j an attempt was mado lo chivari a npwl)\ marrfeq couple in Nowland, Fast (iwilfiinburV,which terminated vory seriously. The particulars of the enso, as narrated to us. are03 follows, A ootypony.nf young,njpn ^oya nBsofnblod^irQwid ijto house in whiph. iho bndo’niid bridegroom \vero to Spend ifio night and commenced making discordant sounds, when .Mr. Fli Birchard, a brother of •ho notvly married, camo oul no I orderedthe parlies rdf iho premises. Tho company then retreated into tho road and again com-monced their mij'ic ; but a young man named Win. CuyTer, being la mo, jvax unablo to travel os fast ai tho rest, was attacked by' f ' • ‘i * f! ** It', 1 1Birchard with nu axe. .who mado icveral parses at him, which Cirvfcr wr.nrdeJ oir with n largo Cow-bell. Finally tho young man rueceedod in reaching the fahce, when Birchard, hastily tearing oft* a board struck J him with tl.o end of it fair in iho face—; mangling iho jaw in n horriblo monnor.—Cuyler was picked up for deed ; but ho shortly after revived and wag carried homo — bleeding pro fus'd/ all tho wbilo. Ilr. Pyno, of Newmarket, happening to bo in lt;iho neighborhood, uni immediately sum- 1owned, and succeeded in staunching tho* • » .*'*» * • ■ | blood, but not until iho young man had fnearly lost his lifo. • llo is now King in ,a , very precarious situation. A strong feelingof imlignsii^J against Birchard pervades iho j whol.o sellletnertt and irft Saturday night last I} J ^ 7 0 4 ’ { # ? i! * * » iti t*ihpjcblvari* pjMy Veturhcd with lirhnd feaih-ors, but wero unablo lo find him. Thoy then demolished tho windows nud left obun-dant evidence of their vh.it. The next day after the first disturbance, it is said Borchard\ « I 1 * * , •picked up iho teeth he had knocked from tho jiw of Cu vier, end went nboul the neighborhood exhibiting them. However strongly wo might feel called upon to condemn tho chivori party, wo con but ccnsuro, in the strongest terms, tho roshnesi of Birchard, May this circumtanco prove e salutary los-soii »o nil concerned ; nnd may other neighborhoods, also lake warning. BirclnrJ, wo understand, has fled from tho setilcmrnl altogether, fearing iho injur)' Cuyler lias received will lormiuato fatally.