Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Tue, Jul 23, 1895.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, July 23, 1895

THK OAR . : .WILtt THEY MEET. ,From the Chicago papers it 5« learned that McDowell, the oarsman of Ihftt c.ityt who through tho dlsqimlifieaiitm ol Hnckett. the Eat Portage man, was .enabled to win the senior single-race atSaratoga, intends competing Jn the Canadian regatta at Hamilton, Aug.' 2nd; If this be true, it must . menu that .; the: Hat Porta go man hasabandoned-hie' intention of rowing 'at Hamilton;and that tlio Chicago,‘“champion is, aware of. tfao /act. . In the classical phraseology of tho venowned' John L. Sullivan, at its biggold cmglce to little red cherries that the' Chicago rowor would not go to^ Hamilton if ho wore not sure-that Hacketi'would, not be there. He knows lull well that tho Eat Portage man could play...with, him.X Pit0 TEST. ' #tSlt;35^7‘‘ *r-Tho Toronto Globe report of VTeilnesr day says:* ifX '.protest has .l*en entered; against Hackett's amateur standing,^ andfn.mnrvntt' tho nriSA Will” 'lie