Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Tue, Jul 23, 1895.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, July 23, 1895

liam-fash-cord-t of Mrs. from The ten-ccae-eritfi, been the rtha. fully cere,[ the 'heir ;n a theTHE O AIV WILL# THEY MEET. , .From the Chicago papers it 5« learned that MeDowc-31, the oarsman of that c.ityt who through the disqualification cl Hackett.'the Eat Portage man, was .enabled tn win tlie senior single race at Saratoga, intends competing in the Canadian regatta at Hamilton,-Aug.'; 2mL If' thiB le true. It must . -mean thatn-; the:Hat Portage man has ,3 ban do:nod : hie' intention of rowing 'at Hamilton;fi and that tho Chicago, ■“champion Ih nwarO ofthe /act. . In the classical phraseology of the vea owned * John L. Sullivan, at its biggold eagles to little red cherries‘ that the' Chicago rower would not go tos Hamilton if he wore not sure-that Hackett'would, nor be there. He knows lull well that tho Eat P or iago man could play ...with, him.usonrials! H.nalfilips.iunddis-iou-two?ettthedle-sialard-.X 'PROTEST. 'IH.ranyetthe;as:t*s.v'eringtatandrand'd-K.ndifc-atntxLis*£isaofiyfiei-of13ien-ulistossottCLt1Iftl«rtitlTV•1t litTCe-i-r-itc-e-dice-155C-ys.Bie;bt-.5Tho Toronto Globe report of TVednes-day say? :* “A prptcst hits .l*oen ^ entered; against Hsickett's amateur standing/ and ■if ho wins' to-morrow tho prize wflV he withheld until .investigated- No,evidence, has boon put in in support .of the. protest, only tho statement that there Is. a-protest nguinst-him before.the Winnipeg*qnd Minnesota association. This.: protest was dismissed bythat‘ association some time ago.. Since HackoU's fine showing here a Bxury Is afloat that ho* fa good enoogh to beat the professionals, and that* Jic stands ready to row Erastus Kogqrs, of Saratoga, for $1?000 aside.’' . • vlt;, .=THE SINGLE SCULL FIASCO, j ;The Globe's report .of*the senior single eetill race, over which Hackett was disqualified is as follows: .“John L. Hackett, of Hat Portage,%Jolm A. Rumohr, of Toronto, end W* S. McDowell, of Chicago, wore tin? starters io the finn I heat of the senior singles. Though the Canadians had cot long 1m-lore come out. ol it*hard race’in the double*, they carried what little money was bet. McDowell was unsupported, and Haekoii’s hackers laid two ’to one’ that their man would beat Bumohr. McDowell, . who has much' improved-on his form of the last few. seasons, led Ruuiohr to the turn, which he reached in/4.35.’ * Hnrk-ett had the inshore position. Rumohr nest ©nd McDowell - outside. / Near ^ the Aura Hackott came over into. Rixiuohr’S' water and eventually both got oyer into Me-, DGWIi'V tie took the next buoy'to iho. west, and both:Canadians came together_ at McDowell V Slaked 3u« box* of Hack-ett#s boat broke Iuethe side b! Jfajmohra-shell. The Tproato - man., held up M6 bi hand, claiming foul, atid, thenNrowed id * io tlie nearest shore, as his boat was..filling cli with water- In;, the meantime McDowell I Mi war hustling for homo. Hackott set out I i1 after him and rowed'him down apparently-;I on without the least, exertion. . 'Near, the fin-:| nn Ish Hoekett stopped and then -paddled ’ in I th three or four lengths ahead;, 'tillklib? to I Si: friends on shore. His racfe was. Aimed In 1 an 9.441-2 at that. 'J:! Mi• TTimout doubt tho big: follow', from:I hii Eat Portage.is lengths the;bcst Humteurl tin sculler in America, and it Isvdoubtful if I on over a man so good rowed rig an amateur j we except William O’Connor. But he doeanrt 1 Eo win any prize here. Umpire Zappone die**, j ;ot qualified him for the foul witL..IlUTndhr, j- joi and ordered.McDowell and Huinolir.to row. I tn row the race over at 10 o'clock ;to-uipr.r-1 in= row morning. Hackett and ^Debrlsoy Will [ Su; tow in single and double sculls at. Ham- I.for ilton regatta. 'HJickett i$ very.'anxious:) 19. to’ he allowed to race to-morrow,- nndd fig has offered to give Itumobr and.McDow- tin ell 15 seconds, but the referee .will not j inli alter his decision. ' • 'I terTHIS SENIOR FOURS/ |t(. Of iho senior foiirs the GlobD’s 'report I mn says : “Only Winnipeg ■ - and Newark. Id- | OJl Stltuto started in the senior-fours. Win- I ^U1 aipog was the same four that wob the In- I ,-j0j termedlaie yesterday- - They.:-; led. by J co^ about two strokes turning-the' buoys' in WO; 4,05, but tlie Institutes made* up that and 1 q»j more by superior smartness ioj turning. It j was a hard raco all the way ;home, and j g2, Winnipeg do6ed on the • loaders. .. Lese.j Q’i Xhiui 1UO yards ,Irom the-./fnish,tliey I jor spurted and drew almost leVal^withr^Qie^Iar.l^^ stjtutes. The spurt was made just ahit j too late, however. The Institutes^won by I t0 less than a*quarter of a.. length in 8-43 | oon 1-2, another new rvCvra,’# . I runTHE iGNNETONKA BEGAT A- . j amThe Minnesota and Winnipeg aasociafj on | regatta at Minnetonka bn August 9 and •. 10 will about finish the rowing season | for 1805. .TJiei'e will 3e seven ereots: j Tho quarter mile dash, the senior and j J junior singles, senior and junior doubles, j ■ eenior an«i junior foure. The cluhe' repro-.| •sented wlil be the Minnesotaa Boat club, ; of St. Paul: Winnipeg Up wing club, of J “j Winnipeg; Duluth Boat club, of Duluth; and the Lurlino Boat club, of Minneopo- I ^ lls. I h \\ HUERAH FOB HACKETT. | ^Notwithstandii^ the dlRqimlification I orj of Hackett at the Saratoga National race© I crlt;w thiw week, the oarsman hns won fume and | the made a name for Jifmself, as vrell ns bring-] tho ing into prominence the town of Rat Port- j age. Hackett, forsooth, is the champion 1 amateur sculler of America, though he J may -not have tho silk banner to show lor j it. He is a fast man and bn$ ma.de a j olie time that is equal to that of alt; professions I son al class. I'bociIn respect to his fastness,- the .presaj Snr of the Eastern States and Eastern Canada J foir enloglzos him with great profusion, and | g, has ho hesitancy in saying that the Bat J shii Portage giant will prove a* world-beat- I er if he continues .the eport he takes bo | innj naturally to. Hfs long reach and stay- I they ing qualities are surprises to tho6C who j Wo witnessed liig rowing at Saratoga, and I (h^p nmoTifr fhose jire the greatest spcvrtB of I*’ y. America's sporting fraternity. * ‘His row- I hg-h ing ir marvellnus'when we* consider that I Tur despiio bis fouling he cut loose, overtook | whi the sj*ocdy McDowell and- won by four j mal boat lengths. Although ho Is not Cham- J nga pioa in name, ho beat the now nmateur | in j champion under accidental difficulties. J A. ] Of this man we should bo 'proud, for j fng the font he hn« performed Is no Dtean one. I -Sub. and it will *brlng our town Into a, position t wa*i that notlilog else could do. If we can do I and no more to show our appreciation of the I the great benefit be has contributed to Rat | ty j Pc.Tia.ge, we am at least fool proud, and I wax that is how we feet. na an I K. :r.arsmnn. has forged hi? way to the front I 80,-rnder very strenuous difficulties, and he I 108 nKvrJlr all tho euloglum that we and the I tin* Araoilcau jiewtp.*ftier pre^s give him. RedI- I Ker ly iljo heron Jcnji Hackett is a scut lei* Cun- I two ada may look upon ’with pride.—Rat Fort- 1 arid ate Record. , I putWHAT THE X T. HERALD ASYS. | ^ Follnwlng is tho New York Hcrnlrl’e J sex report of Thursday's races in. tho Sara- j w toga regatta: “The great fight in the j ed i.final heat of tho senior singles wafl tho j firs-exciflnc ■ incident nf the day. .Hackett. j wit. and McDowell were both very cloeo to [ injji Itumohr. tlie Toronto expert, nt the turn- J toti Ing buoy, nnd Bumohr’e shell got. cracked J vcr.i en that lie had to. pull, ashore. As to who I fipki did tho mieehie! there is a very wide de- tho elded and oznphatlc difference of opinion, I j=3ifr From the press stand It looked as though | srrnt McDowell was tho one In fault, but the | Den umpire decided differently and dlsqual- J the Sfied Hackett. who had beaten McDowell half a-length In a terrific nfech. and. neck struggle. Thi6 mlfilmp was greatly • regretted on all sides.. : “Tho ball was opened by the contest hoi ween ihc senior doubles. The starters wore: Toronto Row3ng club, Toronto-—,T. A. Bit mo2tr. stroke, AH. BussblJ,- bow;Rnt Portago Bowing club. Bat Porta go,Ont.—John L, Hackott. bow.. Thomas\ :Tk Ic-*brSsnx% Blroke: Hnrlem Bowing club.New York—E. Nagel, bow, Fred Hawkins. stroke. The Toronto? led olf, with the Harlome last, but well up, There was n*0 change in the first half mile. At tlie turn lno.HarlemS had caught up and tho three swung around and started for home In line. The Tomntos got ahead and rowed iato tho Bat 2ortagc*s'Course, hut withunt fouling. A quarter of a milo from tho finish th« HarlemB. haa gained the;fend by half aTehgth. The Bat Portaces swept by the TorontOB .ana gnvo the Harlemb a fnrloufl ch©*C, lt;-nut coqld ano or^jrhaul them, the latter win*, tiing-by half a. length. The Rut .Portages-were two lengths before the Toronto®-Time, Bm. 43s. Hawkins had to,.row,lhfs, time, and be redeemed fronT h 13:flnke of yesterday.The ©cmior four-oared '•belle cioe next,M:ter.Plt;H?dninptotnGtlug.grarColowimmanhnsalsoMr.Tl;LoWin*revoa :Cans of tl ley’ beau iotne