1842 Teutonia Missing Person William Frank

Clipped from US, Pennsylvania, Smethport, Settler and Pennon , July 23, 1842

ItS® Dollars ME WARD !!CClrBy order of the “German So-cictv? of Teutonia, M’Kenn Count}'', Pennsylvania, the subscriber otters the above reward to any person who will find (or give information where may be found) Mr. WILLIAM FRANK, a member of the above named Societj', who disappeared very mysteriously from Teutonia, on tho 20th day of March Ja'st,Said FRANK was about thirty-five years of'age j had on when he went away a cap, a pah; op striped clothPANTALOONS, A GREKS’ ROUND-AUOUT,and u Gold Ring on his finger—and in his possession, a Duuble-Burrolied ShotGun.C'Jr’In comiecthn with the above reward, will be paid tho TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS ottered by the Society shortly after Mr. Frank dlsappeur-Teutonla, July 15th, 1842, 31tttfe tit*. »*£HlAl ***' a'Ai.tMH.M*. ..»■■President.