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Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press , July 18, 1947

ne of Les Cht 'er rst-edas APPLICATION FOR A LICENCE TO OPERATE A ?e COMMERCIAL, AIR SERVICE1C--4 Roland Eugene Paauin das ap-ne plied to the Air Transport Board-for a licence to operate a recreational flying lt;; barnstorming) ser-:vice from a base at Stevenson Air-jport. Winnipeg, Manitoba.Any person desiring to make representations concerning this application must file a complete submission with the Secretary. Air Transport Board. No. 3 Temporary Building, Ottawa. Ontario, by July 31st 1947. and send a copy concurrently to the applicant addressed to301 Dumoulin Street. St. Boniface. a Manitoba.He[ AIR TRANSPORT BOARD^OTTAWA, July 11. !UM7-rs-torm-;ueitidiadol-ete