Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Fri, Jul 10, 1953.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, July 10, 1953

m _ _____Back Unions, Beat Reds,Ukrainian Workers ToldThe fourth all-Canada congress;in reality of Ukrainian Canadians Thursdayjinfluence appealed to workers oi Ukrainian origin to join trade unions, in anthe Reds were trying to the workers exclusively in Communist political ideology.Lack of a strong democratic attempt to thwart Canadian Com- Ukrainian labor organization to mimists* propaganda attacks. ;counteract Red propaganda and The congress, sponsored by the prevent '*demoralization o£ the Ukrainian Canadian committee, is working masses, was one of the in session at the Roval Alexandra;reasons the leftists paid so much hotel. ’ • j attention to Ukrainian workers, theA resolution passed Thursday!resolution said, afternoon said the Reds were try- ANTI-RED BULWARK mg to spread their influence The congress said that trade among Ukrainian Canadian work- unicns were a strong bulwark ers under the pretence that they were all fighters for working class ism. . _interests. !ers could combat Communism and? *The congress said however that1 guard Canada’s democratic law:aryand order, the resolution said.The congress agreed that a permanent labor committee should be organized within the Ukrainian Canadian committee to work out a practical program on labor, George EJendiuk, chairman of labor committee, presented the resolution.URGES ARTS FJUZESThe congress also adopted the cultural and educational committee, resolutions which called for:* Organization of a cultural and*»against the threat of totalitarian-.educational council within the By joining them, the work-jUkrainian Canadian committee.Setting up of scientific, lilcr-and arts prizes for the best achievements in these fields.Just Completed 6 Months, Youth Is Sentenced AgainC. M. Kyle in city policeA 20-year-old youth released j irate D. from jail May 16 after serving a [court.six-mor.th term for theft was sent: He was convicted of stealing the• Organization ot a central Ukrainian library, archives and museum.• Encouragement of Ukrainian university students to take up Ukrainian culture and Slavic studies in Canadian universities.The resolution on publications, submitted by Dr. I. Hlynka, Win-another 14 months car June IT from the Motor Sales inipeg, asked for the formation ofback to serve Friday.Earl Rupert, 140 Ellen street, was sentenced to one year for car theft and an additional two months for attempted car theft by Magis-:car lot, Donald street and St. Mary avenue.His companion, Lawrence Brown, 23, of 185 Smith street, received a one-year term June 25 after pleading guilty to the same offence.Cars Somersaults; Man Escapes But Wife HurtJohn Robert Hartley, 18, of 719 Fleet avenue, escaped unhurt at noon Thursday, when the car he was driving turned a complete somersault.The car flipped over after colliding; at Ellen street and Pacific avenue, with a car driven by John Yates, 163 Kane avenue* St. James.His wife. Mrs. Helen Hartley, IS, Friday was m “fairly good’ condition at Victoria hospital with multiple injuries.Police say she was thrown from the car during Hie flip- The car landed first on its roof, then hack on its wheels, ;uui then crashed Into a pole, Mr. Yates was not injured in the collision.MOVIE PROCEEDS HELP CHURCH GET PROTECTORProceeds from a me vie showing tor Fort Carry children will help pay for a new sound projector for the St. Paul’s Anglican church Sunday school. The show was held recently in St. Paul’s parish, hall. A similar program is scheduled for 3 p.m. next Tuesday m the hall. Othersmay follow throughout thesummer months.CITY CHILD IN HOSPITAL AFTER CAR ACCIDENTBarbara Slupak, 4, of 439 Elgin avenue, was in Winnipeg General hospital in fair” condition after she was in collision with a car on Elgin avbnue between Ellen and Gerlie streets at 5.20 pm. Thursday. Police said the child ran in front of the car, driven by Rudolf Wider, of 1145 Henderson highway. She suffered cuts, scrapes and concussion.13 New VD Cases Reported In ManitobaVenerea] disease cases reported in Manitoba for the week ending June 27 showed an increase of S3 over the previous week, the provincial department of hea'th disclosed Monday,Gonorrhoea cases reported-totalled 29 for the week ending June 27, compared with 22 the previous week; syphilis cases reported totalled eight compared with two the previous week. Of the 29 gonorrhoea cases, 13 were in Winnipeg proper, one in suburbs and 15 outsidea publication commission aticl ex-i pressed the approval of the UCC publication of Ukrainian Commentary in English.Metropolitan Ilarion Ohienko, head of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church in Canada, welcomed the delegates and_ gave his blessing to the deliberations.The aged metropolitan said he •prayed that God might guide the destiny of the Ukrainian people in' Europe so that they might become masters in their native land. Greetings on behalf of the Saskatchewan government were extended by Hon..A. G, Kuziak. minister of telephones. Mr. Kuziak is the first Canadian of Ukrainian descent to become a minister in any government in Canada,He praised the efforts of the groups making up the Ukrainian Canadian committee for bringing into being, in 1940, an organization which could speak with one voice on behalf of all Ukrainian Canadians. ,, Prof, L. Bilecki, acting president of the Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences (UVAN) brought greetings from his organization.Michpel Rodyk, a 1917 graduate of Wesley college, now United college, was the only American visitor at the congress. He is a lawyer in New York and spoke on behalf of the United Ukrainian American Relief committee.Another Wesley college graduate attending the convention is Thco. Humeniuk, a Toronto lawyer.ItII