Other Articles Clipping from , Fri, Jul 10, 1908.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun , July 10, 1908

HARFORD BOAT CLUB FESTIVAL.Arrangement* for the entertainment to be given by the Harford Boat Club tomorrow are raildly nearing completion, and the prominent women who hare charge are trying to make It successful. Launches will meet the express at Bush River station on the Pennsylvania Railroad.Many boating parties have been formed for the afternoon and evening and supper will be served at the clubhouse in addition to a fair and festival.The committee of ladles Is composed of:Mr*. Walter W. Preston, Mr#. Bertram N. Stomp, Mr*. W, Boyd Bell. Mra. Archibald Stirling, Jr.’. Mrs. J. Alexis Shrirer, Mr*. 8. Oover Street, Mrs. Kdvard Dietrich. Mr*. Charles Shaw. Mra. W. N. Atwell. Miss Rush Williams, the Miasrw Williams, of Stooeleigb; Alice Wilson, Stirling, Nannie Mun nikbujrsen and Fanny Michael.