Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald , July 3, 1902

,i v MEIItHQKK IVOL. LI V NO HI IAT H EMFREIGHT HIT AREAR-ENDER.Dickey fortunately escaped few slight bruises andwith ashaking up. Wilsonawithgeneralseveralother Athens passengers were sitting in the smoking a]*nrtment when tlit trains struck. The passenger whoSeveral People Injured in a Col*iwafpnMBRP.;nittiu^r opposite him was burledlision Sunday Morning onfrom his seat and striking* Wilson onthe Hocking.the face produced the injuries which for a time rendered him unconsciousMiss Reeves was injured by beingWiATHENS PASSENGERS HURT.» • j ■ a Asfc-v ---mt i' -r-^ngsnecr and Fireman Jumped to Save Their Lives Passengers Were Considerably Shaken Up—TheList of the Injured.thrown against the side of tin The engine drawing freightear.No. 54(ihad been acting badly for many hour.*,and the trainmen had been from 8iSTo’clock Saturday afternoon in gettingOhA rear end collision between Hock-from Hobson to Armitage. They hadannot been making over four miles hour and when they left Armitagimg Valley passenger section No. 88they had but fourteen minutes toand extra Ohio Central freight No.od,make the run of six miles to Beauoccurred Sunday morning about one mile below Chauncey, demolishing the passenger engine, the cabooseand two cars of the freight. The en*mont and get on the siding. When about a mil** below Beaumont the en-igne stuck and the passenger was upongineer of the passenger and five i»s-sengers were injured, and the heavy vestibule coaches probably preventedthe serious loss of life. The injuredthem before warning was given.PALLAS CLUB RECtlVESjheitht#*ambefhoi(forIn HOnor of Mrs. A. E. Price, Itsare:John Weller,engineer,passengerarm badly spraimvl, and side bruised,by jumping ; his home is in Columbus.Former members of the Palla* clubL. D. Wilton, nuMinger, painfully! *»ve \ deliKhtfol reception »t theiraamtiobruised in the face by being struck bya companion who was thrown againsthome of Mr, and Mrs Hobson Friday ji cothim; he is street commissioner, Athens.Miss Myrtle Reeves, passenger, facebruised and several teeth knocked out:her home is in C/olumbus.T. Dickey, fireman, of the passenger was slightly bruised by jumping from his engine. /Mrs. G. H, Junod, face slightly bruised by being thrown against aevening from eight to ten o’clock. The affair was in honor of Mr. and000Mrs. Price who leave soon for theirbuifuure home in southern California.With the exception of one or two whothenetin*stiwere unavoidably detained all members with a number of other(pitfriends were present. In the receiv-eliing line were Mrs. Hobsoti, Mr. andMrs. Price and Mrs. Evans.amThe lamseat; East State? street, Athens.Miss Grace Junod, lace bruited inhouse was beautifully decorated withplants and cut dowers. The diningaptthe same manner; East State street,lAthens.Mrs. Jane Bailey, lip cut and slightly bruised about the face; North Con-room where the club colors prevailed was especially tasteful. A short but happily selected musical program was rendered.infAtIselectiongress street, Athens, and mother ofMrs. J. D. Selby.MissMrs. Tausch gave a piano and Miss Luciie JLovell, Jane Rvan and Miss Jonesnoiprlt;wlEngineer Weller, whoso injuriesfavored the guests with vocal music, 1ofMiss Hattie Hines acting as accon:leawore the most serious, was placed on ... —...pnist. '.'fit':;.i f’ ;i ,Mrs. Evans on behalf of the club,thia Vs