1902 Building Projects pt2

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, July 3, 1902

en jWS ’ite•usaukinheorImusD-rt-nd*rsIr.le-i y.ofis,it-i’sayUKudIt.©drs?rewjfiyisslieliab,ra*n-udready for occupancy by the middle oflatestheadwayCoroomrooms. The lower floor of the build*ing purchased from A. W. Conuett has been toru out and lowered and workmen are completely transforming the building. The front that was put in the dry goods department has been removed and an entire new' front will be put in both buildings making oneof the handsomest fronts on Main street. The new will be used for the clothing department and will be connected to the drygoods room by archways. The second floors will also be connected and remodeled making practically anew interior throughout. Another story will be built on the former Conuett building and one on the room now occupied with the dry goods detriment, inakiug both buildings threestones high. It is probable that an elevator will be constructed to give easy access to the second and third stories. The third stories, however,will not be completed this season. An addition of about 3500 feet offloor sjiace has thus been given. Theimprovements will cost several thousand dollars. 'The new Lawrence-Worst el I building oil the east side of Court street now assuming some shape and the work is being poshed. On account of the extreme amount of rain, considerable time was consumed in completing the foundation. The building will bethree stories and the interior will begiven a modem finish. Two handsome business rooms wrill be affordedon the first floor. The second and third floors will be used for business offices. The cost will reach aboutI000buildingcomMSSHtHeal%m-heiteiteIceyleted’in early September.F. S. Roach has Just com i handsome front on his business property on South Court street. He hasentirely rearranged the building and it is now a most attractive property. The lower story will be occupied soon by Charles Demolct, the plumber,while the second story has been fitted for two commodious suites of rooms fur small families. ■ • *,, [Bow er Bros., who opened up their livery business about a month ago, have a most commodious building and %vas erected at a cost of over $10,000.is rapidly pushing to completion his handsome brick residence on East Htate street. It is two stories and contains eight rooms. The 0. D. Hopkins property on the worth side ofMorris aveuun is bciug repaired.Prof. C. M. Copeland and Prof. W. B. Bentley have nearly completed |heir ■commodious new frame residences on Morris avenue. Each are two storiesand contain ten rooms. The Copeland residence is ready for the second coat of plaster, and the Bentley home is ready for the lathing. Farther east on Morris avenue, E. J. Baker is building a two story frame residence and will be ready for occupancy by the first of August. J. M. Chappell now occunies his new' two story frame Residence on Mill street. The two story frame residence of J C. Coes on the same street will be ready for occupancy in about three weeks.t■nCHtlcbaiVlt;ob0 wC1lt;1V(11*11o0a1 1