1902 Building Projects pt1

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, July 3, 1902

OVER S 200,000FOR BUILDINGSTin* flne hrownstoue, two storv residence now in coarse of erection bvIX W. Peoples, will be one of themost attractive in Athena when com-; pletod. Work onnecessarilytheWill be Spent in and AroundAthens Within the NextFew Months.it isslow. Standing as it does on promitory, at the corner of court and ■ Mulberry streets, overlooking tie* Hocking river and the state hospital park, an ideal view is afforded. ItsSTATE HOSPITAL COTTAGES.cost will approximate $lt;’,000.S. U MeCnuc will aeon begin a £500Ohio Wilt Spend $140,000 in AthensState Structures* Many CourtStreet Improvements Residences.forI east side ofConrt street and adjoining the market house building.The finishing touchesgiven the large two story pressed brick residence of General G. H.Athens is just now experiencing a healthful building boom and within the next few months approximatelyare beingGrosvenor on University Terrace. Itwill be completed and ready for oecu-will$400,000 will be spent in the erection,paucy in atniut thirty days, and cost $15,000. The house containstenrooms, while broad verandas add comand completion of buildings alreadyfort to the surroundings. The thirdbegun and the repairing of business houses.On July 11, the contract will be letfor the erection of three new cottage buildings for the Athens state hospit al. Work upon them will be begunstorv is finished in white wood. Thesecond story is finished in white pineand cherry. On the first floor the par* lor is finished in white enamel, andThe stair*the dining room in oak. case is finished in white wood andimmediatelv.atfer the contract is letand they w ill be well under construction by the first of the year. Eachcottage will cost approximately $25, -000, making a total of $75,000. Themahogany. A picturesque view of the Hocking is afforded fromGrosvenor residence.theJames Grim is completing a commodious frame residence on Unionbuilding of the cottages was founduecesasry to accomodate the inercas ing number of inmates of the state in stitutiou.On Julv 17, the Athens state hos-pital will let the contract for remodeling aud increasing the boiler plantand the steam piping, and imnrovementsThese rejairsimprovements will cost about 000. It is seen that the state willstreet. It is two stories and contains seven rooms and a bath. The housewill be ready for occupancy in a few week*. James Brooks is completing a handsome two story colonial residence on West Unton street. Thebuilding is equipped wit h all modern conveniences. Wm. Runts has almost000ing and the erection of buildings in Athens during the summer and fall.specificationsnormal school building are now* beingprepart-d, and tliis handsome structure,which will be built on the east sidtready for occupancy a residence onNorth Congress street. C. K. Beanhas got about ready for the plaster* ers in a two story residence on Do tin street. The house will have sixroom sana a oarn.Rev. J. B. Mattingley’s handsomebrick parsonage on College street willbe ready for occupancy by about theThe slate roofof the college campus, will cost notless than $40,0001 The erection ofThe buildthis building will be begun probably about the first of August. The sumwill, first of September, will be put on this week, ing will contain eight rooms and a bath, J. B. Dalton has had a valua-Stattof $140,000 of the state’s moneybe spent in Athens for buildings with in the nexr few months.The new Presbyterian church, whichis being rapidly pushed to completion will cost about $25,000,and will be amodel in every appointment. Thehandsome religious edifice will beready for occupancy by the middle ofSeptember at the latest.headwaybio addition to his home, on street and Frank Phillips now occu-D.pies his uqw residence adjacent.C. Cornwell has completed two twostory residences on the east side ofState treet, and one is already oecu-NSt year Mr, Com* three residencespied.well has completed adjoining one another. Henry Boska is rapidly pushing to completion his handsome brick residence on Eaststreet. Itstoriesimprovement on his news depot on the I J-Lir\