1902 Building Projects

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, July 3, 1902

OVER S 200,000FOR BUILDINGSThe fine hrownstoue, two story res-idence now in course of erection by IX W. Peoples, will bo one of themost attractive in Athens when com-ipieced.slow.Work on i rWill be Spent in and Around Athens Within the NextFew Months.is necessarilyStanding as it does on the promitory, at the corner of coart ami Mulberry streets, overlooking the Hocking river and the state hospital park, an ideal view is afforded. Its cost wilt approximate $(1,000.S. L, McOuue will aoon begin a $300STATE HOSPITAL COTTAGES ! imPHvement on lit* news depotonthe anOhio Will Spend $140,000 In AthensState Structures - Many CcurtStreet Improvements-Residences.foreast side of Court street and adjoining the market house building.Athena is just now experiencing a 'althful building boom and withinnext few months approximately $100,000 will be spent in the erection,and completion of buildings alreadybegun and the repairing of businesshouses.On July 11, the contract will be let for the erection of three new cottage buildings for the Athens state hospit al. Work uion them will be begun immediately .atfer the contract is letand they will be well under construction by the first of the year. Each cottage will cost approximately $23, -000, making a total of $75,000. The building of the cottages was found necesasry to accomodate the increasing number of inmates of the state institutionOn July 17, the Athens state hospital will let tlie contract for remodeling and increasing the boiler plantgivenfinishing the large residencetouches are beingtwo story of Generalpressed O, H.iand the steam piping.and imnrovements 1These repairs 11 cost about#35,000. It is seen that the state will spend fully $100,000 for the remodeling and the erection of buildings in Athens during the summer and fall.Plans and specifications for the new normal school building are now being prepared, and this handsome structure, which will be built on the east side of the college campus, will cost not less than (40,000. The erection of this building will be begun probably : about the fim of August. The sum of $140,000 of the state’s money will bo spent in Athens for buildings within the next few months.The new Presbyterian church, which is being rapidly pushed to completion will cost about $23,000,and will be a model in every appointment. The handsome religious edifice will be ready for occupancy by the middle of September at the latest.Work is now under full load way in remodeling IX Zeuner Co’s store rooms. The lower floor of the building purchased from A. W. Councillias been torn out and lowered and w orkmen are completely transforming the building. The front that was put in the dry goods department has been removed and an entire new front willbe put iu both buildings making oneof the handsomest fronts on Main street. The saw room down stairs will be used for the clothing department and w ill be connected to the drygoods room by arch wavs. The second floors will also Is? connected and remodeled makingterior throughout. Another story will be built on the former GannettGrosvenor on University Terrace. Itwill be completed and ready for occupancy iu aliout thirty days, and will cost $15,000. The house contains ten rooms, while broad verandas add comfort to the surroundings. The third story is finished in white wood. The second story is finished in white pineand cherry. On the first floor the parlor is finished in white enamel, and the dining room in oak. The staircase is finished in white w ood and mahogany. A picturesque view of tlie Hocking is afforded from the Grosvenor residence.James Grim is completing a commodious frame residence on Union street. It is two stories and contains seven rooms and a hath. The house will be ready for occupancy in a few weeks. James Brooks is completing a handsome two story colonial residence on West Untan street. The building is equipped with all modern conveniences. Wm. Runts has almostready for occupancy a residence onNorth Congress street. C. R. Bean has got about ready for the plaster-ers iu a two story residence on Dunn street. The house will have six rooms and a bath.Rev. J. B. Mattingley’s handsome brick parsonage on College street willbe ready for occupancy by about the first of September. The slate roof will be put on this week. The build ing will contain eight rooms and a hath, J. B. Dalton has had a valuaMe addition to his home, onStar.pies his ut;w residenceC.adjacent.CKICU-IXCornwell has completed two twostory residences on the east side of State treet, and one is already occupied. Within tii«*]i»it year Mr. Corn-well has completed three residences adjoining one another. Henry Boska is rapidly pushing to completion his handsome brick residence on Eaststreet. It isstoriescontains eight rooms. The O. D. Hopkins property on the north side of Morris aveuue is being repaired. Prof. C. M. Copeland and Prof. W. B. Bentley have nearly completed fheir■commodious new frame residences on Morris aveuue. Each are two stories and contain ten rooms. The Copeland residence is ready for the second coatof plaster, and the Bentley home isFarther eastready for the lathing, on Morris avenue, E.J. Bakertpractically a i Anotherroomgoodsmeat,threestories high. It is probable that anelevator wnll he constructed to give easy access to the second and third stories. The third stories, however, will not be completed this season. An addition of about 3500 feet ofspace has thus been given m ilts w ill cost severalThelmprovemeiand dollars.Lawrence-Worst el ICourt street is §t,aie and the On account ofnow assuming scwork is being poshed, the extreme amount of rain, considerable time was consumed in completing the foundation. The building wiJl be three stories and the interior will begiven a modern finish. Two handsome business rooms will be afforded on the first floor. The second and third floors will be used for business offices. The cost will reach about $10,000. The building will be com-pleted'hi early September.F. S. Roach has just completed a handsome front on his business property on South Court street. He has entirely rearranged the building and it is now a most attractive property. The low er story will be occupied soon »y Charles Demolet, the plumber, while the second story has been fitted for two commodious suites of rooms for small families.Bower Bros., who opened up their livery business about a mouth ago, have a most commodious building andbuilding a two story frame residence, and w ill is- ready for occupancy bythe first of August. J. M. (’happell now occupies his new two story frame residence on Mill street. The two story frame residence of J. C, Cost on the same street will be ready for oe-cunancv in about three weeks.3iI«I3lt;(1ii»Ii i] \reeled at a cost of over #10,ouo . J