Other Articles Clipping from New York Times, Wed, Jan 30, 1901.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times, January 30, 1901

, lilt* V'lV.' ,U1II VvVfll.j-utt.*, ...V.. ^ ^Antonio IT Andre. eleven payments .,G,.001 s«TH ST. s ?. 2l'R ft o of 11th Av. 50x 04.10; Richard Webber, with Florence ^W. Kehoe. four payments............... :»,o00Lis Pendens.GREAT JON El ST. 88; William D. Deck and others against Jennie A. Connelly and others, (partition;) attorney. H. C. Dotty.LEWIS ST, 14o; I-eon Tuc mann against Ely Grcenblatt, (foreclosure o mortgage;) attorneys, Mar.hoim Manhein..MOTT ST, 10: Joanna H. Purdy against Seth R. Johnson and others, (foreclosure of mortgage;) attorneys. Dowers lt;Sands.1ST AV. e s. GO. 11 ft n of 122d St. 20x78; Mary