Other Articles Clipping from Logansport Pharos Tribune, Mon, Jan 26, 1903.

Clipped from US, Indiana, Logansport, Logansport Pharos Tribune, January 26, 1903

TURNED ON COPPERWendell Young Refuses to Assist Police In Making ArrestBUT PUSHES HIM IN THE GUTTERAN .EXCITING SCENE ON THIRD STREET LAST NIGHT.Instead of complying with the request of Patrolman Monigan to assist him in taking an obstreperous prisoner to jail, Wendell Young, a well known young man. about town, turned on the officer and pushed him in the .gutter in front of Dowling’s opera house last night. In the excitement caused by the unexpected action of the man the prisoner got loose and jumped on the officer and was about to trample on him, when Sergeant Morris appeared upon the scene and the two men were taken to jail.The prisoner Whom Monigan was conducting to jail, was Quincy Sailors, a young 'farmer residing three miles west of the city. He was arresced at the corner of Market and Third streets where he was found in an intoxicated condition, quarreling with another man. Mouign started to the police station with him, but all the way from Marker, street, to Broadway young Sailors fought to get free. Finally in front of the opera house, when the patrolman. saw he would need help, he requested Young, who was in front of Wancrei's restaurant, to go to the police station and get another officer. Youifg, however, declined to do so and began to attack Monigan, pushing him into the gutter, his prisoner jumping on top of him.In the meantime a crowd had gathered and word was sent to the station and Sergeant Morris came to Mont-gan’s assistance, and both Young and Sailors were taken to jail. Sailors was charged with assault and battery, resisting an officer, intoxication and carrying concealed weapons, consisting of a pair of ktiucks. Young was charged with obstructing legal process, refusing to- aid an officer and assault and battery. This morning Sailors’ father, Samuel Sailors, came in to look for his son and found him in jail. The young man was fined before Justice Kloenne and his father stood good for his iiue. Young's trial was scheduled for this afternoon.