Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald , January 25, 1894

I “Who am 17 '! A communication from Mrs. B. C. Davits supported by the affidavit of j Alonzo H. Davis, w hich is printed elsewhere in this issue, would seem to hi?the identity of the young mun to whom j Judge Bethel recently issued a nmr-I riage license under the name of Pearl Henry and who was in doubt as to whether his name was Stump, Ifunter or Davis when he made the application.The Mkhsengku and Hkkald is also in receipt of a communication from W. li. Stump accompanied by an affidavitsigned by himself and wife, Mrs. 11. It. Stump, in which they state that to their know ledge the right name of the young man, whom they raised from infancy, is Shelby Davis ami that neither of them had ever said lie was the son of .Sirs. Shelby Davis. From' the two statements and the affidavit of Alonzo H. Davis it would appear that the real name of the young man is Dayis, but not the son of Shelby Dayis.