Other Articles Clipping from Winnipeg Free Press, Thu, Jan 24, 1957.

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, January 24, 1957

Victon an(x,l ntirse Js.erve5artier JILtA3n CoilPatternoperativeEXPANSION of service and teamwork with public and other private agencies highlighted the 55th annual meeting of thp Victorian Ordrr of Nurses. Winnipeg branch, held Wednesday evening i:i tlie University Women’s club.Home nursing visits made bv —ExoffciW KRAFT dinner offer!the staff of l'J reached a record} lt;0 256, an increase of 252. Pati-' cuts cared for numbered 2,604. !The area of service was ex-, lenrled to inc lude the municipality j of Ass ini hoi a to St, Charles ferry road, in the municipality of Rosser to the border with BrookJands at Ccysrr avenue; and in St. Vital to Maple drove beach.Dr. VI. R. Elliott, deputy minis-ISie Com mu n tty Chest r Winnipeg Foundation,. Manitoba government, cities of Winnipeg. St. Boniface and St. James, and municipalities ofFort Garry, Brooklands, Si. Vital, East, West, North and Old Klfdonan, East and West St. Paul, Tuxedo.Mrs. Fred S. Auger, honoraryicr of'health, expressed'the dc- recording secretary said if suf-pnrlmem's gratitude for thefictent calls were received frombranch's help in the new hnme:the/finil)oia afea the board incare program for polio patients, i*ends to approach the municipality;for an allocation, Mrs. Auger alsoBranch director Adclla McKee ted |hal reques{s for service 5 thlt;; orders .^hieE 0°JCC» re; from the town of Transcona aremams to provide professional' nder discussion by the boartLnursing, under doctors direction, r, fto the ill in their homes, but a Jn ces from patients totaled $27,-focond object, assistance to those’f?; approximately la per cent inframing for public health r.urs-:ful1 P?/™nt and « P cent lning, received contributions fromlPart- ^orty Plt;:r cenL home nurs-ihe staff. Nurses-in-training at'm« «re visits were given free Winnipeg General and Grace hoe-|whlle national average is 50 pdals observed WO X. nurses at por cent*work, and field experience vasj Institution of a five-day week, given six nurses taking post-grad- combined with a raise in rent for uale courses. The branch's nurses | the branch office in the Medical staffed pre-natal classes at the re-'Arts building, resulted in an inquest of private doctors. One nurse!crease in charge per home visit provided part-time industrial nur$*;from $2 to $2.25.Mr*. Malcolm J, MacLeod was named to Esther Brownins fit a plant of 300 employees.Calls are received 24 hours a day, continued Miss McKee, but right service ls limited to “essential'* calls such as giving narcotics for relief of pain. She reported 326 night rails during 1956, a; decrease by half over the previous-year.Mm. Donovan N. Knight, honorary treasurer, reported Income of $65,339, and expenditures of $82,942* Grants of $57,198 were received fromCU. -4 2) cm pSetjOpiomtfrisfEyes Examined116 Toronto Gwinl T/utl Bldg.T#f. *2-3634honorary membership for “long and meritorius service.1'Volunteer service was received from the 15-mcmbcr V.O-N* guild which helped to prepare the nurses* visiting bags, made their aprons and assisted In the office.Miss Anna M. Speers, re-elected to her second year as president, reported that the board is considering institution of a form of• membership which will . enable workers and friends of many years, and others interested in: V.O.N. service, lo keep in touch ' wilh the branch.! Mrs. C. E. B. CTCrady was elec-ted 1st vice-president; Mrs. Henry ’ B. Monk, 2nd vice-president; Mrs. ; Donovan N. Knight, honorary treasurer; Mrs. E. C. Ryan, Jr., hon-| orary assistant treasurer; Mrs.• Fred S. Auger, honorary recording ; secretary; and Mrs. W. F. Lock-ihart, honorary corresponding secretary. Mrs. A. H. Warner andMrs. P. J. Edgar, past presidents, were also named to the execu-J: ■★ NO TIE'S! No more knotted apron toes? This set features a patented plastic form-fitting Wonder Waistband. One size fits all waistlines perfectly!★ WASHABLE! Each apron slips off the plastic waistband for easy washing and quick fiat ironing. The fabrics are sturdy printed Tex-★ TWO GAY PRINTS f The pretty kitchen apron is in the gay Heirloom pattern; the dainty hostess apron is in the lovely Rosebud pattern. You get one of each!★ HALF PRICE) These lovely aprons sell regularly at $1 eachl You save $1 at this special i■f■fl■*Vi■iKRAFT APRONS,P.O. Bex 7100# Montreal, Quabac.