Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Jan 16, 1902.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, January 16, 1902

SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS.No Obstacle Now in WayFree Deliveryservice commission ha* mannounced Un r«*»ult of the exainiiia- giapplicantsjiostoftico as follows. bJsgan, 31, grade 78.18 hFrank C. Dean, 83, grade 78,88 (Long, 31 , gradebiiHarvey K. Ramsey, 81 grade. 78.75Willi© C. Jones, 81, grade 72.15. |0These constitute the list of eiligi-carrier* and sabnti- ; ttntes bat eligible* for appointment j t,in the jiost office should occur. From the abovethe department will select twocarriers and one substitute.While of course it is not knownwhom the department will select yethin all probability, Logan and Deanv ill be the earners and Long thessubstitute.There seems to be no obstacle now£starting free mail de«vhlt;1livery in Athens February 1, as for- ! ^merlv announced. Families that de- itsire fra© delivery, should give their * ,street addretm to all their corr* iptid j ^ ent» thus facilitating the work of the 'carrier*.