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Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Forest Hills Journal , January 10, 1978

2 Tuesday, January It, lf?8 • JournalHomemade solar system heats homeTMContinued from page Ican make a contribution to home heating, he savs It should easily do SOpercent of the heating and up to 75 , percentM In the late spring and i, early fall, the solar system can do 100 percent of the heatmg. he adds he difference in whatof the heating that canbv the sun depends cm* factors, including * temperature, wind, and the wind; chill factor on very cold days., Simplv explained, Trmdle s solar svstern 'works like this: a two ton solar heatmg collector panel on the south side of the house absorbs the sun s heat and transports it to a'heat storage area lt;25 terns erf brickand gravel) in the basement The heat then circulates through the ductwork of the house“Even on the oddest of days, we can heat the house all day for free __ there' is 'enough, teat stored, *’ heetIlTrmdle. a chemical engineer for Procter Gamble, admits that his educational background was a help to him in designing the solar system but he does not think such a background is necessaryHI do4tyourself solar heating.* When we first drew up the plaas, it seemed so simple that I Just couldn't not try to do it. he says, adding that anyone can do what he did providing they have the time, the proper plans and a blank wall on the south side of their houseI could do it because of the setup of the house ** he points out The south side of the Trindle home has no windows so it conformed perfectly to the collector panel Not everyone can retrofit thetea ting system to their existmghouses, Trindle says, but what: • - •. ’ • imost people could do is install a small solar system to heat water. Hot water makes up about ISpercent of the average family’s heating bill, he points out.Trindle is “toying with the idea of starting his own business to construct small solar panels aboutfour feet by eight feet Id heat water for individual households He is also making plans for a new home which, he says, will definitely be heated by the sun. - . •#*’ *l* I r t « * ■ ' f A *• * /j J •» *. • ..I • *. *1 v i •' *•I don't think most people think there really is an energy crisis.. .” Trindle says, “I'm convinced it’s real. I think otter people will finally believe that too but then it will be too late .7The system has been working at the Trindle home since November. Trindle says he would like to see more people turn to solar heating. He feels that successful projectslike his and lower construction costs are needed to interest morepeopleHe would also tike to see national * and state support of solar heatingthrough incentives measures such as loans or tax rebates PresidentCarter's, energy bill contains a provision for a partial tax rebate but Trindle says, ‘‘I think it should be a 100 percent rebate It's that important” And he is writing aletter to Carter to tell him so.Several of Trindle s friends and neighbors have inquired about solar heating since his system was completed. In fact .several of his friends and neighbors helped him with parts of the project. In addition to his wife and son, Trindle received help from Gordon Snowbarger. Dave Kruse, Bill O’Keefe. Dick and Shirley Thrall, Dave Bedwell. Dan Ingram,Harold Compton, A! Holland and A! ■Ackel