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Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Forest Hills Journal , January 10, 1978

lt;memade solar s vsternBY CHERYL BAUERStaff WriterDean Trindle has a sunny outlook on the nation’s energy crisis.His Cherry Grove home is heatedpartially by a solar heating, system, that he built himself. Trindle isconcerned about the shortages andwaste of energy and theenergy .........................increasingly high, price of energy. Solar energy, he feels, is an excellent way to combat those trends.“It’s there for the taking,” he says of solar energy, “it’s there for free. I can’t imagine anybody who is building a new home not considering solar heat.Trindle, his wife Sharry and son Dean Jr.. have lived in their1*energy saving fireplace draws airiradjacent garage Thefamily room is now nve to iv degrees warmer than, the rest of the house when the fireplace is lighted and the fa lives ip the room Trindle says.He thought that the fireplace would be his last major project for awhile but last spring a friend,Mike Wade, who teaches school in Indiana inspired him to design and build the solar heating system. Wade stayed -with:... the' Trindles while in town for a convention and told them about the research hewas doing on solar heating. He and Trindle drew up some rough plans for the system and Trindle began the project in Mav.present home for several years. Dean’s energy saving handiwork began last year when he built a specially designed fireplace for the family room.Unlike most fireplaces which draw in warm air from outside, theWorking nights and weekends for six months, he constructed the system, spending about $1,500. That is about one-fourth the retailcost of such a s^ 'tern, according Trindle.Solar heat can’t do it all but itContinued to Page 2ungtonbusinessevelopmentssetbe earmarked for purchase andremoval of three residences on south part of Beechomnt. Parking will be put in that area behind the stores. Work is not seen to be started until 1979 or 1980. Council should approve the plan for therecord About $18 000 will an forwill pass out reports to managers of businesses not represented at the meeting. Carol Simons, chairman of that committee, said her organization will have its fund raiser* One Grand Ball, in April and some part of the proceeds likely will go towards revampingDean Trindle and son, Dean Jr.. age 7, stand beside the solar collector panel Trindle built to heat the family’s Cherry Grove home.