Other Articles Clipping from , Sun, Jan 7, 1900.

Clipped from US, New York, New York, New York Times , January 7, 1900

Arrived.SS Kayahdin. Melvin. Newport News Jan. 4, passed Sandy Honk at 12:24 A. M.. lt;th.SS Aral, « Br.,) rapt. Nicholas, Shields Dec. in ballast to the Columbia Oil Company. Arrived |at the Bar at 9 P. M. ISS Sarmatian, (Hr.,) Brodie. Glasgow Dee. -lt;. with mdse, to Austin, Baldwin Co. Arrived atthe Bar at 7:80 P. M SS Belgravia. (Ger.,1 Schotter, Hamburg Dec. 24. with mdse., and passengers to the Hamburg-American Bine. Off Fire Islam! at 9:32 P. -A- i SS Ut Champagne, lt;Fr..t Fajolle. Havre IVc. 30. with mdse, and passengers to Oompagnie t.en-er.ile Transatlantique. Off Fire Island at 9:a01* MWIND—At Sandy Hook. N. J., .Tan. G, 0:30 P. M., northeast, twelve miles: clear.SS Bueania. (Br..) McKay. Diver pool Dec. 30 and Queenstown 31st. with mdse, and passon-g, rs to Vernon H. Brown Co. Arrived at theBar at 11.89 P. M., oth.SS Tropea, (Br..) Croskery, Shields Dec. io,in ballast to Norton Son. Arrived at the Bar* SS Boston city. (Br..) Barclay. Bristol Dec j 20 and Swansea 22d. with mdse, to .lames Arkeli i Co. Arrived at the Bar at 1:2*0 A. M.« SS Coleridge, lt;Br.,) Fisher, Rio Janeiro Dec. lt. Bahia 20th. Pernambuco 22, and St. L#ucia 20th, with mdse, and passengers to Busk Jevxms. Arrived at the Bar at 2:2*0 A. M.SS City of Washington. Knight. Vera Cruz Dee. 2S. Progreso 3oth. and Havana Jan. 2. with mdse, and passengers to James K. Ward Co. Arrived at the Bar at 1 A: M.Ship Kynance, (of Greenock.) Gilmore, Singapore, 172 days, with mdse, to J. W. Phyfe Co.; vessel to J. F. Whitney Co.SS Iroquois, Kemble, Jacksonville Jan. 3, with mdse, and passengers to William P. Clyde Co.