"Canadian Farmer" Claims Most Ukrainian Readers

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, January 6, 1949

Clna^i.anV Farmer' ClaimsM o st 0 k ra i n i a n Readers'••'.■The;e.^.a4'ian;Far.met-;wi'th a eir*culation ofmore than 18,000 claimsto-be-not only the largest Ukrain-ian newspaper in: Canada but also the' oldest,''having' been': founded: in 1903. //V' .. V* .An article in Tuesday's• Fr.ee; Press :s'tat'ed.'.:.::tliat.;twoother. Ukrainian newspapers published .in •..Winnipeg ;cladm'ed:. between . them a. total circulation-; of 22,000. .' ■ -V-T'he. editorof. the, Canadian. Farmer,. Michagl K.Hykawy,: express-edamazemehtl Wednesday theCanadian Farmer 'had.'.been''over-Idpkeid. invthe Tuesday article;..' :.: •':' The :lt;3anadiAn' Far mer - as-, 'hot pri-m arily .''an-tagilcultur.^s tat ed'-Mit.' H:ykaw'y,'.,'Tt;: is ■ '[ polifcl-call' economic'and: educational vyc'ekiy C%hieh.', h as/hch ties' rwi'th -any one :;grpup of/'Ukraihians,. political pr/bthehvvise,he: said. He pointed put/thatathh; paperV’whs::ant|rlt;2.6m'-m'u'n5ht'ihH.dw'e.yer) y 'by/iy'.''- /. //Chivt' i P:i MrhHyhavv'y 'sa’tditha't he-'assumed the :ieditoVshi]y'.yoh //the. /Canadian: :'Fa'r'mer.'.fi'h'I'i9 'hisbhr^^diieari^e/papeh^d^n^e-'tham'^O:./■'* ■■ •-v ■ - ■*- *1 lt;-■' -■ • ■ ■ lt;?•/- ’• y •;;_• ' ' '• ■I;■ V-i*'-