Other Articles Clipping from Baltimore Sun, Fri, Jan 5, 1900.

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, January 5, 1900

A PROGRESSIVE MAYOR■.......... irnmrnmmmmmmMmmmHon. Edward Phelps On Needs Of The Town Of Laurel. PROTECTION AGAINST FIRESDrfrnt Meimc ToThtCItrConmrfl On The §nbJf»pt-PoMlbU LtfliU-•JKtton My The Graeral Asiemblf.D fSpecial Dispatch to tho Baltimore San ]LarBKrx^ Mix. Jan. 4.—Laurel** progressive Mayor, Edward Ph«!pa, ha a sent a special message to tho City Connell making recommendations which will require some legislation from the Central Assembly. ! On the subject of water works and fireJ* :protection he said: *•♦Our recent Are* demonstrate thst radical steps must be taken at once to protect the lire* and property of our citizens. In 1892 a bill was passed for waterworks, hutthe necessity not being thoroughly understood, It was voted against by a majorityof our citizens at the spring election. In 1894 It was pushed aside for street Improvement. In 1896 we again presented our waterworks bill, but failed to secure the passage of the some. In 1808 two bills were passed, one enabling the town to contract for water; the other Incorporating a water company. The Incorporators of the company were J. M. Cone. J, 8. MacDonald. W. IT. Minch and J. F. Williams, all of Baltimore, who visited Laurel In the spring of 1808 and made a personal Inspection of all water sources and decided to draw the supply from the Patuxent. Since July laat we have been negotiating with gentlemen of responsibility and capital who would have commenced work at once upon granting the franchise, but the enormous Increase of the ^prlce of Iron pipe (ahont ISO per cent.) caused another postponement.'*Mayor Phelps has always been a strong advocate of waterworks and has been working hard for years to secure them for Laurel. Personally, he favors municipal ' ownership of waterworks and electric light plant, hut will not at this time press his convictions upon the people. He also favors and recommended the passage of an ordinance by the City Council prohibiting the erection of any but brick buildings on Ms in street, with metal roofs.