Alfred Mannon Juror Cecil County

Clipped from US, Maryland, Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, February 25, 1891

os aohoois, Toronto; L. O. Foos, Harrisburg, Pa., and others.Cecil County Newn,[Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun.lF.i.ktON, Md., Feb. W.—Mrs. Rebecca Steel, relict ot the late George Steel, died on Sunday at the home of her son, Joseph H. Steel, of Che.-vapeake City, aged ninety-three years,Thlt;* following jurors for the March term of court Fere drawn by Judge Stump: Jeremiah C. Prihe, Jr.. Wm. 11. Cole, GeorgeW. Ribler, Wlliiai^Brown, James P. Merritt,Win. R. Gtipiu, ^Valter Buckwith, John Able, Patrick Boyle, John W. guluu, Geo. II. Patterson, Jo«r. M. Heisier, J. Scott Jamison, John T. Hessey, Isaac K. Taylor, William Reed. Alfred T- Mannon, Jonathan Carter, Chss. J. Davis, Cornelius L. Hrokaw, Robt. Anderson, Wm. H. Purdy, H.H.Gilpin. Israel Gunkel, Joseph Met addan, Charles R. Clary, T. Jetferson Scott, Dunbar Morgan, iieury C. McDowell, Iievf k. Mearus, James C. Darii, Wm. H. Deshane, George W. Bou-chelle, Leri Haason, John W. Davis, Frank M. Alexander, Thomas H. Smith, Trank S. Christie, John K. Bond, Joseph W. Simpers, John 8. Beason, John Burke, Lewis C. Whiteman. Thomas S. Miller, Gedrge W. Denny, Prank BL Tnompaoil, Wm. X. Lee and Charlesy * . 1J. Starrett Smith, the fourth district farmer who, with his son Walter, was bitten by a dog supposed to be rabid nearly two week* ago, and wont to the Pasteur Institute in New York for treatment, has written that they are doing well. The physician In charge inoculates each of them dally with the remedy.