Other Articles Clipping from Statesville Record and Landmark, Thu, Feb 22, 1973.

Clipped from US, North Carolina, Statesville, Statesville Record and Landmark, February 22, 1973

2Continued hem Paqe Onewhich ends Aug. 31, 1973.DeKalb stated that its current investment is approximately $3 million.Sites in Arkansas, Alabama and Iowa are also being closed along with certain foreign operations.The decision to move south from Enfield, Conn. was made in 1971 as the company was suffering from high labor costs, high taxes, and the long distance from major broiler producing areas.Statesville \ras chosen by DeKalb because they already had one of its largest distribution centers in the area and the business community in Iredell County was most receptive to agriculture.Their new executive office building and research center with research and pedigree farms for poultry breeding was opened in April 1972 receiving statewide attention. Company officials and then Lt. Gov. Pat Taylor and commissioner of agriculture Jim Graham were on hand for the ribbon cutting.The location was to add a new dimension to North Carolina’s poultry industry. Previously primary breeding stock had been coming from New England.Their 8,500 square foot building is situated on a 15-acre tract and has a breeder hatchery capable of producing 180,000 chicks a week.DeKalb’s total sales in 1971 were over $123,000,000 with 55per cent of their business international.Intervention