Other Articles Clipping from Athens Messenger and Herald, Thu, Feb 18, 1897.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Athens, Athens Messenger and Herald, February 18, 1897

I M I Mi.M,Mi, rRDUl iV U 1WORK IN COMMON PLEAS.The Grand Jury Returned Sixteen IndictmentsOut of Twenty-eight Cases.JoAfter beni* at work three days tin* grand jury completed its investigationsFrida v morning. Over one hundred andtitt\ witnesses were examined, coveringtweni v-oivht rases. Of this number **!^4* % *cast brought up sixteen indictments wore found as follows:State of Ohio vs Win. Thomas, pocket-pi'king a ad larceny.State of Ohio vs Marvin .1. Dattirner,AnoiI i i-i1! C:lt;\ihbm a larv.*didd.n-kitu-s*n-rv-( eisI!Stat *» f Oliio vs I, l». Nelson, bnrglarv.• — «State *»f i diio vs Art. Pierce, arson. State of i hio vs Albert ( happen, i ntting with intert to kill.State of Ohio vs Fred Hall, fornication.State*t Ohio vs Nora Beckman.adultery State of Ohio vs \\ K. Gross. sellingliquet unlaw fully: two indictments.State of Ohio vs Green lhvsles. larccnv.«r •State of Ohio vs Seth ami Horton 'l ink ham, assault with intent to kill.v N’.lState ot Ohio vs Thomas t’onnellv,'£ Jft a . * Ifr *carrying cuncealeo weapons and shootingTv WVd!I . S.beaupove the oequa Wtdto Ot■ t-.;,Dr. 1lingl it krovve