Abinadi Pratt letter Jan 17 1888 reprinted Feb 18, 1888

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Monroes Iron Clad Age, February 18, 1888

The Desert News, the Utah organ of mormouism, Jan. 17, gives the following confession from a suUn-beguiled prophet:I have made various predictionsi »which I have printed in leaflet j form and sent forth as purporting I to come from a Seventy. These I have received a somewhat extrusive circulation among thp latter-day saints. I desire t«» humbly iask thp forgiveness of mv brethren Iand sisters iti the church or Jesus ,I Christ of latter-day saints Cor this ; wrong which 1 have done. 1 can i only say in pdlitatiou of my of- | fense, that satan deceived me and j actually caused me to suppose 1 i had a mission to circulate these i predictions, and 1 verily thought I ! was doing the lord’s service in the 1 matter. I now ye my folly and wickedness, and wish luy confession to be as public and as widely known as my pretended prophecies have been. And I humbly ask the forgiveness of the lord for this grevious sin of which I have been guilty, and also my brethren and sisters, whom I have attempted to mislead in this way. Trusting that 1 shall obtain the desired forigiv-eoess, I remain very humbly,Abixadi Pratt.