1957 "Canadian Farmer job M.H. Hykawy

Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, February 16, 1957

M. H. HYKAWY has aneasier job with his Canadian Faijmer, the oldest and most circulated” Ukrain-. iari weekly lit ''.Canada^.Founded in': 1903,v;this;,'h.a.s ' ■enjoyed';. - eirciilatibii: from three- wa.vesdf Ukrainian immi gratip n,- between/ •1891 and 1912, . ri£htWaiter.the First World War,,, and 'after the Second World' War: •The subscribers: are’almost evenly divided / between ■ city and ru r a.i. readers. ... ' \The desire;to preserve.the . .language and traditions of the. 'homeland fiave . been' strong. The -.Canadian'-.;F.ar--rner ' has. tried • to maintain this, culture Each' week :it